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Wandering in the night when no one is looking, when the world is asleep is possibly a pleasure of our time. Because in the past, a night walk was even more dangerous than it is today.

Stargazing in places where light and environmental pollution is low, transports us to solitude, emptiness and the incredible sensation of feeling like a ridiculous speck in the universe, but which exists and beats. And feels.

Everyone has their own pleasures. Personally, I have always been attracted to darkness, space and stargazing. Even as a child, my imagination was lost in watching the night sky. That darkness, was weaving in me, a love for the night. For the sensations that the darkest art and music could make me feel.

The passing of the years made me conjugate a series of attractions that formed my own being.

I consider myself a guy who has been shaped by music. Cinema in the same way, always horror or science fiction. I love black metal, doom metal and any musical style that with the first bars make me leave this world, to strange and desolate places.

The icing on the cake was perfumery.

Niche perfumes, a selection of six perfumes ideal for goths.

My second great love after music is perfumery. And here, just as in other hobbies I have always sought that dark aspect, in perfumery I seek the same.

I own a niche perfume shop, where I bring in a little bit of everything, but I also bring in personal jewellery that has invaded my skin for years.

If you read on, I’ll show you a few of them. And there will be more coming soon that I can’t mention at the moment.

Daniel Josier Perfumes, and Ambre Tabac.

When I first smelled Ambre Tabac by Daniel Josier Perfumes, I couldn’t shake off the image of being in an old mansion. Where dust fills everything and a sweet smell catches my nose. A sweet smell of tobacco, old condensation and the woody nuances of antique furniture and leather. A true marvel that you can find in Daring Light, here.

Beaufort London, and its transgressive creations.

terror and magnificence beaufort london 300x169 - GOTHIC AND DARK PERFUMES (I)

Beaufort London is a spectacular brand in its compositions and presentation of its perfumes. With their caps created with Lignum wood, they are a true marvel. And I could not miss in my first selection of dark perfumes, Terror & Magnificence, in the purest style of the 80s. A spicy fragrance that is my favourite of the brand. In previous blog posts you can read a story I created about this perfume. You can discover this perfume here.

The world of niche perfumes is where you can find those perfumes that take you out of the comfort zone, out of the commercial zone of designer perfumery.

Hermit Coat by Chapel Factory, is another one of those perfumes that with a very smoky start, can break your schemes, due to the subsequent floral and sweet entry. A composition that amazed me when I discovered it. You can discover this perfume here.

Rosarium by Angela Ciampagna, do you like the smell of incense? Don’t hesitate and get Rosarium. You won’t regret it. The best floral incense you can find. It is not smoky but it is sublime. You can discover this perfume here.

Marlowe, by Jardins d’Écrivains.

Marlowe by Jardins d’Écrivains, a dark, gothic and very different tuberose. The tuberose note is strident by nature, and not here. It is spectacular. You can discover this perfume here.

Xerjoff’s Naxos, nocturnal and effervescent.

And to conclude this post, one that personally feels phenomenal on my skin, and on anyone. And that is Naxos by Xerjoff. A fragrance that I have always considered nocturnal, to wear for hours and be the attraction of the noses that cross before you. You can discover this perfume here.

Also, I urge you to visit a little sample box I created some time ago with five niche perfumes that have the charisma to be considered gothic, by visiting this article here.

Perfumery adapts to everyone.

There are more than 300 different niche perfumes at Daring Light, some of them, with that gothic soul, as there is always something especially to my taste.

Health and strength!

Sergio Martínez Anaya.

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