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Our perfumes come exclusively from the brands we represent, which guarantees 100% authenticity and legitimacy.

In addition, we offer you free samples whose quantity will vary depending on the value of your order. For every multiple of 60 € in your purchase, we will automatically include 4 samples at no additional cost. For example, if your order reaches 120 €, you will receive 8 samples for free.

You have the option to choose up to a maximum of 20 different types of samples. Each of these free samples contains approximately 0.3 ml.

In the comments of your order, simply tell us which samples you would like to receive so that you can explore a variety of fragrances.

On occasion, we may also include original fragrance samples as an additional gesture on selected orders as a token of our appreciation. This is always at the discretion of the Daring Light staff.

It is relevant to note that, although we mention certain quantities, we usually exceed these expectations and send more samples than indicated. This is to ensure that you have an exceptional experience with our products.

To consider.

Sample Quality: All our samples come directly from the brand or are carefully crafted by pouring the perfume into an empty vial. This process takes time, and if you request multiple samples, we appreciate your patience as the vial filling date will coincide with the date of your order to ensure freshness. We guarantee rigorous hygienic handling throughout the entire process.

Sample Longevity: It’s important to consider that the state of a perfume in its original container and properly stored can endure for many years. However, with samples, both ours and those from other brands, there’s a difference. Once the perfume is poured into a vial, its lifespan is shorter. We recommend using it within a period of two months. This is because, upon pouring the perfume, the alcohol component gradually evaporates, altering the aroma composition over time.

Vial Variety: We offer two types of vials: 1 ml for free samples without a sprayer, and 2 ml for sample kits with a sprayer. If we’re out of stock for any of these types, we’ll use equally suitable alternatives.

Allergic Reactions: On certain occasions, you may experience a mild allergic reaction upon coming into contact with our fragrances, as they are based on essential oils (for example, cinnamon oil might cause slight irritation). Nevertheless, it’s essential to remember that all perfumes, regardless of the brand, contain natural or synthetic compounds that could generate allergic reactions in uncommon cases.

Ingredient Information: Given the limited space in the samples, we may not always be able to list all the perfume ingredients on the vial. Feel free to contact us if you wish to obtain detailed information about the perfume components.

Disclaimer: Both SERGIO MARTÍNEZ ANAYA and Daring Light reiterate the importance of the disclaimer regarding allergies. It’s the consumer’s responsibility to be aware of their allergic history and take appropriate preventive measures.

Sample Shipping: For orders containing only 0.3 ml, 2 ml, or 5 ml samples and within the national territory, we will ship them via certified mail using our logistics partner, Correos.

The following should be taken into consideration regarding the sample kits

Once you have obtained a free sample or sample kit (“DISCOVERING TO…”), it cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons and because the sample has been made exclusively for you.

However, branded sample boxes may be returned as long as the seals have not been broken.

In the event of inventory shortages, we may make changes to the free samples requested. We will do our best to notify you in advance.

Our sample kits contain about 1.5 ml of perfume, or even a little more, and are created specifically at the time of ordering. It is normal to notice that your sample kit sample is not completely full, as 1.5 ml does not fill the vial completely.

When you purchase a sample kit, you will receive a 15 € discount coupon that you can use within two months. This coupon cannot be combined with other coupons or discounts, and a minimum purchase of €80 is required to redeem it. You can combine this coupon with your accumulated balance during the two months of validity.

We strive to process sample kits on the same day, although the official delivery time is 3 days after the order is placed.

Daring Light.

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