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Enjoy niche perfumery and light up with Daring Light! We ship exclusively to Europe.


All our perfumes come from the brands themselves. And we can 100% guarantee its authenticity.

You will receive two free sample for every order of less than 60 €.

On every order placed, over 60 €, you will receive three free samples and in addition you will receive a quantity of samples determined at the final value of the purchase. Up to a maximum of 20 different samples.

For every 60 € of purchase you make from us, we will send you a sample.

These free samples will be approximately 0,3 ml.

In the comments of the order, write down which ones you want to smell.

To consider.

– All our samples either come directly from the brand or are made manually by pouring the perfume into an empty vial. It requires a time of handling and if the quantity is high in samples, we ask for your patience. Since the date of filling the vial will be the date of the order. Never before. We will maintain the maximum hygienic measures for filling.

– Special attention should be paid to the following. The condition of a perfume in its original bottle and stored in optimum conditions will ensure that it lasts for many years. Something different happens with samples, ours or anybody else’s. When a perfume is decanted into a vial, the shelf life of the sample is very short, and it should be used within a period of no more than two months. The reason for this is that the alcoholic diluent in the perfumery remains unchanged in the original bottle, but when poured into a vial, it loses it. Due to the evaporation of the alcohol, it will cause the smell to alter. The materials belonging to the perfume do not evaporate in the same way and over time it will smell different from the original bottle, and this is due to the reduction of the alcohol and consequent higher concentration of perfume.

– Two types of vials are available Vials of 1 ml for free samples, without sprayer And approximately 2 ml vials for sample kits, with sprayer If either of these two types of vials is out of stock, we can use another type of vial that meets the requirements.

– On rare occasions, you may experience a slight allergic reaction if our fragrances come into contact with your skin, since they are based on essential oils (cinnamon oil can cause slight irritation, for example). However, this is very individual and varies from person to person. ALL perfumes contain natural or synthetic compounds that can cause an allergic reaction. It is not usual, but you have to know it.

– In the samples, obviously due to lack of space, it is unlikely to write down all the perfume ingredients, but if you contact us, we will provide it without problem.

– SERGIO MARTÍNEZ ANAYA and Daring Light insist on the exemption of responsibility in an alleged case of allergy. Since it is up to the consumer himself to know his allergy history, and prevent them.

– Once a free sample or sample perfume kits (“DISCOVERING…”) is purchased it cannot be returned for hygienic reasons, and for the simple reason that the sample has been personally made for you Sample perfume boxes from brands, as long as the seals are not broken, will be accepted for return.

– In the event of a lack of stock, we can make a change to the requested samples. We will always try to notify. – Sample kits are not customisable.

The following should be taken into consideration regarding the sample kits

– Sample kits are 1.5ml and are created at the time of order. Samples can come from the brands themselves, or be created by Daring Light. We do not have kits already created to prevent the evaporation of the perfume. Don’t be surprised if you see that your sample from the kit does not fill up completely. 1.5 ml is not enough to fill the entire vial.

– If you order a sample kit, you will receive a 15 € discount code, which you can spend within two months, and cannot be used in combination with other coupons or discounts. A minimum purchase of 80 € is required to redeem it.

You can use it together with your accumulated balance during the two months it is valid.

– Sample kits will try to be processed on the same day, but the timeframe you should be aware is 3 days from the time the order is placed.

And nothing else, everything very clear.

Daring Light.

Hello, if you need help, do not hesitate to write to us.
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