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When darkness overwhelms you, let boldness guide and enlighten you!


Daring Light is a one-man project created out of love and empathy for perfumery.

Love, due to my roots in perfumery as a mere spectator for dozens of years and consequently an amateur perfumer and empathy for the care and pampering of the brands that exist in the Daring Light portfolio.

Always sales of official articles and direct provenance of the brands.

Taking care of the things you love is the main principle that has guided me in my life, in Daring Light I apply it.

Daring Light was born from the need to survive, to reinvent oneself and to take advantage of calamities and redirect them towards the idea of entrepreneurship that you have in front of you.

I am a lover of art in any of its expressions and my personal project called Daring Light is home to many of them, but not all of them.

Daring Light is not born from nothing and without background, that name to the shop, it is a deep and clear message, from what was born inside me when I heard about the calamity that disrupted my life in 2020.

After the uncertainty, you have to try to find a way that reassures you and encourages you to continue.

I encourage you to browse Daring Light, follow Daring Light on social networks, and if you are a little sad today, may your stay at Daring Light lighten your burden.

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