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Of all the perfumes, incense is the most prestigious
History evokes all its importance through the ages and civilizations.
My curiosity for its noble raw materials has guided me to the places of prayer where the vibrant olfactory acoustics resonate like an invitation to meditation.
Chapel Factory interprets in its universal dimension the return of a caravanserai on the incense route. Each religion associates the ceremony of the fumigation as a real offering honouring the gods.
This range of perfumes in the scent of sanctity builds a personal sanctuary.

Anaïs Biguine

A dark ashes clothe’s with a eremitic looking.
As an hermit coat, amber, balm and smoke cover fir balsam.
A captivating fragrance with its powerful vocation with roaming incense scents.

Notes description -

Top notes: elemi, heliotrope, ash, fir balsam.
Middle notes: olibanum, rose, Ambroxan, balm.
Base Notes: musk, amber, smoke, incense.

Release year - 2021

Additional information

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Perfume Concentration

Eau de Parfum

Fragrance type

Eau de Parfum. Vaporisateur.The brand sells this product in a cloth bag, with the brand’s serigraphy. Unsealed. Daring Light elegantly wraps it and adds a security wax seal. This seal acts as the manufacturer’s seal.


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  1. English

    Wolfgang (verified owner)

    Hermit Coat is a very picturesque perfume that evokes a very special scenerie in my mind.
    Unfortunately i’m not very good at picking up the single notes and analyze the structure of the scent, instead i have a VERY vivid image before me: This is a walk in a grand park behind a mansion or a castle or another huge old building in winter. It is afternoon, maybe late afternoon but it isn’t dark yet. The air is cold and misty, the sky is grey and bleak and the trees are merely skeletons without any leaves left.

    A lot of crows sit on the branches and it is very peaceful. It hasn’t snowed yet but it wont take long anymore and the scene is tinted in grey, black and white hues with a few spots of brown. While walking one is in a tranquil, content and melancholy mood with a very introspective mindset, listening to Mark Lanegan or something like Darkher.

    The scarf around the neck is warm and dark and exudes ones one breath. The thick coat one wears is cozy and protective and nothing is as sinister as it would look like. The air is cold, smoky, fresh and slightly sweet, greyish if you will, but very comforting.

    If Zoologists Moth is the Haunted Mansion full of antiquities, candelabras and gothic romance and Wiener Bluts Unheimlich is the Master Bedroom of this Mansion, then Hermit Coat is the majestic Park behind this House! Hermit Coat reminds me also of the mood in Wim Wenders “Wings of Desire” and of “Cassiels Song” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds from the Sequel! It fits this peticular mood of melancholy longing and hopeful optimism perfectly in my opinion!

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    • Spanish

      Daring Light (store manager)

      Hello Wolfgang,
      Thank you for sharing your impressions of Hermit Coat! It is really exciting to read your thoughts and how this fragrance evokes such a vivid and evocative image in your mind.
      Your description of a winter walk in a park behind a mansion or castle is truly poetic. You capture the essence of Hermit Coat in a unique and beautiful way. The idea of a quiet, melancholic atmosphere, with Mark Lanegan’s music as a soundtrack, adds an even richer dimension to the experience this fragrance provides.

      Comparing “Hermit Coat” to the majestic park behind a house is a lovely metaphor and reflects the idea that this fragrance is like an escape to a calm and serene place, even in the midst of melancholy.
      We are pleased to know that this fragrance transports you to a world of such special emotions and memories. We appreciate your feedback and hope you will continue to enjoy Hermit Coat in your special moments.

  2. English

    Jose J Martinez (verified owner)


    This is the second order I have placed and it took less than 24 hours to arrive, luxury service, luxury perfume.
    I highly recommend it, I will continue to trust Daring Light.

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    • English

      Daring Light


      Thank you very much José.
      A smoky floral incense. A delight, really. With a very elegant drying, since it loses that initial smoke.
      One more of Anaïs Biguine’s wonders.

  3. English

    Miquel Martin Rodriguez (verified owner)


    Unique aroma. Very fast and perfect service. My favorite site to buy niche perfumes.

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    • English

      Daring Light


      Thank you very much Miquel.
      We still have a long way to go, but we are there, trying not to succumb.
      Enjoy it!

  4. English

    Jose Manuel G. (verified owner)


    An original perfume to say the least, floral incense with heliotrope as the protagonist, it is smoky and dark, but moves away from the typical woods to replace them with a very cool musky balsamic tone. It’s like nothing I’ve ever smelled before, very original.

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    • English

      Daring Light


      Thank you very much José Manuel.
      Yes, Hermit Coat is different at least from the incenses we are more accustomed to. And he likes to find courage in the compositions.
      A big hug.

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