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In today’s perfumery, there are three well-differentiated sectors of perfumery proposals.

The first is equivalent or contratypes, the second is designer or commercial perfumery, and the third is designer or niche perfumery.

What are the differences in perfumery?

In contratype and equivalence perfumery, the proposals lack lustre and are attempts to emulate well-known fragrances. I already talked about these proposals in a previous article called Behind the Perfume Bottle. Personally, they lack interest, as there is no magic in them, only a gas chromatograph and a laboratory.

In designer or commercial perfumery, the proposals are interesting, but they lack daring and are fragrances that try to satisfy the greatest number of people. Perfumes created to be liked by the masses, and intended to be mass-market. So, if you want to smell different and have your own visual scent, they are not the best choice, as you will smell like somebody that someone else knows. Moreover, these fragrances are created by famous global fashion houses, dedicated to clothing, jewellery, wardrobe accessories, make-up and cosmetics; and they take advantage of the marketing of their products to sell them to you, as their main mission is to sell massively. Easier to access, and where there are greater price variations. The formats used are Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum.

In signature or niche perfumery, exclusivity and identity are their hallmarks. They are aimed at an exclusive sector of consumers (niche market, hence the name), where excellence, limited batches, the quality of their fragrances and, above all, originality are their identity. The boldness of niche perfumery firms is unparalleled in perfumery. They are less accessible because consumers are used to the simplicity of designer perfumery. As I always repeat, niche perfumery is synonymous with the perfumer’s craft. The true perfumer is looking for a niche in this sector, as they will only produce perfumes. In addition to the freedom they will feel when creating. Innovation and standing out are very well paid in this sector. The formats used are larger and more concentrated, such as Eau de Parfum, Extrait de Parfum and Parfum.

Production is in very limited quantities, so there will often be a waiting period until a new batch is available. This is very different from what happens in designer perfumery, which is mass-produced.

Quality in the different sectors of perfumery

Nobody gives anything away for free these days, although at Daring Light we do give 2% of your purchases back, which is something!

Joking aside, what I was saying is that there are no magic formulations where a 250€ perfume can be bought for the equivalent of 15€. The cost of perfume is determined by many factors, and in addition to the inflation due to the exclusivity that the brand wants to give to its brand, there are qualities in the formulations. 

Never think that fragrances are the same. They may look alike, but they will never be the same and they will never perform the same. Basically because of the quality and origin of the essential oils used.

So to the first sector of perfumery that I have mentioned to you as contratype or equivalence perfumery, I take the credit for quality, because you get what you pay for. If that is good enough for you, I congratulate you.

In designer perfumery, the quality is higher, but unfortunately the use of synthetic molecules and few essential oils take the shine off.

And in niche perfumery, as a general rule, excellence in its formulations is the norm. Moreover, a brand in this sector that claims to offer exclusivity, luxury perfumes, originality and quality and fails to do so, will be forgotten by time and by consumers, because one thing about this sector is that it is voracious.

So, I’ll finish by asking you what you look for when you apply perfume.

Do you apply perfume for no reason, just to smell good? Or is your identity strong with your body odour and do you want to increase that?

Perfumes in 24 hours, our way of working

Remember that your perfumes are delivered within 24 hours in Spain, and from 48 hours to 96 hours in Europe at Daring Light, and before you know it you’ll have it with you.

Leave your comments, I look forward to reading them.

Strength and health!

Sergio Martínez Anaya. 


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