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If you are asked how to apply perfume, I am convinced that this information was inculcated in our mothers’ wombs.

Without knowing it, we have all unknowingly proceeded in the following way: on the wrists, neck and forearm. This is typical, but really, we are wrong in the way we apply it and how we apply it.

Applying perfume correctly, how do I apply it?

I will briefly explain how I do it, and it works really well for me. And without using too much perfume.

The main thing is always to apply perfume on clean skin, freshly showered, and if you can moisturise your skin with a good fragrance-free body moisturiser, so much better. You will make the pores of your skin extremely receptive to the fragrance you will apply. Even so, although the alcohol used in perfumery is denatured and its alcohol content is lowered to 85° with distilled water, it is advantageous to moisturise your skin before applying perfume. This will prevent any redness or irritation that may appear. And it will persist much longer.

Once we have our body clean, hydrated, and with the pores ready to receive a quality aromatic charge, it is time to apply the perfume. Personally, I do this before getting dressed as I don’t like my clothes to take on smells, but if you like the smell of perfume to last, you can do it. But be careful as you can stain your clothes and be smelling a fragrance on a jacket for days. Something I personally dislike.

What factors influence the application of perfume?

Perfumes work due to the evaporation of the alcohol, and the heat of our body, so it must be applied in areas of blood circulation. What I will explain is for perfumery with an atomiser, but if you have a bottle without an atomiser, you should plug the neck of the bottle with a finger and tilt it slightly. Move your finger to the chosen areas and, by lightly tapping, apply the perfume. Do not rub.

I always follow the same procedure, and that is to apply it to the lower sides of the wrists at a distance of about 10 centimetres. Not less, as this is when the perfume can accumulate on the skin and it won’t work the same way.

Then we repeat, on the undersides of the elbows.

And finally, I always finish with two applications on the collarbones, and if you are a girl, on the neckline is a perfect place, but be careful not to reach the nipples (guys, for you too), because of how sensitive they are. They can easily get irritated!

And if I want to highlight my presence, how do I make someone very close to me fall in love with my perfume?

Exceptionally, if I have to go out and keep short distances with people, what I do is to add two extra applications on the front of the ears. An area that helps to make your perfume very sensual in short distances.

Never rub your wrists together when applying the perfume, as this will break down the molecules that form the perfume and the smell will be different. You have to apply it and let it evaporate.

One thing you have to be very clear about is that there are different types of fragrances, and applying an Eau de Toilette is not the same as applying an Extrait de Parfum. You should evaluate the olfactory charge that it will give you, and not overdo it. In addition to the situation in which you want to wear that perfume, and look for an olfactory harmony between your presence and the image you want to give. Personally, I’m very wild, and if I like a perfume, I don’t really care what time of the day I wear it. What I do is to be more restrained in the application. But I do keep a close eye on the season, and I reserve my little jewels for each season. It’s a nice way to welcome back old friends who have been awaiting your return.

Be careful with the scent you wear, because personally, it bothers me when I feel a perfume radiating more than two metres away. When someone far away asks me what perfume I’m wearing, I don’t like it.

Can I apply perfume wherever I want?

I have a long hair, and I am not in favour of applying any perfume on my hair, because it contains solvents. It can be extremely dehydrating, and if I were to apply perfume to my hair, I would look for a suitable option. In the near future new product ranges will arrive at Daring Light, and you will be able to buy online with complete confidence as you have always done.

Last but not least is to have a vial of your favourite perfume to refill and carry it in your wallet or purse, and if you are going to be away from home for long hours, or it doesn’t work as well as it should, you can reapply when necessary.


Strength and health!

Sergio Martínez Anaya

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