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When we talk about Parfums Dusita, we are talking about the empowerment of a humble Thai woman in today’s European society.

Pissara Umavijani

Pissara Umavijani Portrait 2018 daring light perfumes niche barcelona 1024x683 - PARFUMS DUSITA

Born in the 1980s in Bangkok, and raised in a humble Thai family, she acquired strong moral values from her parents’ teachings. Growing up in a traditional Siamese house full of books and poetry, with surrounding tropical gardens and lotus ponds, Pissara has on several occasions related the olfactory memory of her childhood. Sadly, though, she also observes how her parents’ old house has disappeared and where it once stood is now a highway.

Montri Umavijani, was a great Thai poet who dedicated his life and efforts in transcribing his thoughts in the form of poetry and books where he delved into Thai culture.

His poetry was meditative and profound. Considered the greatest Thai poet, he reached out to many eminent poets, and Kenneth Rexroth declared Umavijani to be the greatest living poet of Thailand while he was alive. He crossed borders, and his dozens of books can be found in the best bookstores. A man who longed for new possibilities in human consciousness, in his own life, in the life of his family, and who wanted to transcend mortal limits.

Montri Umavijani and his poetry.

A beautiful poetry, full of feeling. Montri Umavijani loved to travel, collecting experiences around the world, and then transcribing them in the form of poetry.

As a sample, the following poems, with undeniable roots in her culture.


On Arrival

I will bring with me
the flowers that have leapt
to the top stupa
and dissolved into
a dilatory memory.

At the Place

I will be better off,
if I do not speak:
the kindred appearance
is broken,
as the word is spoken.

Her mother, Chutatip Umavijani is a philosophy professor, and together with Montri, they were a breeding ground for what was to come.

chutatip montri umavijani pissara umavijani daring light perfumes niche barcelona 1024x490 - PARFUMS DUSITA

Pissara, with a name that means Freedom, embodied the desires of parents who, in hardship, brought one of today’s most beautiful self-taught perfumers into the world.

With a difficult past, she opened doors to reach her current position.

Something few people know about is her background in film. Winning a beauty contest in 2000, Miss Congeniality, was the beginning of her progression. After that contest, the casting director offered her to participate in the shooting of a film.

After that first film, three more films followed, one of those films is Immortal Enemy, playing Rommanee, an horror film from 2003.

During the years of acting, he realised that her love for perfumery, and even more so for vintage perfumery, was growing. She loved to smell old perfumes, to imagine herself in those years and the simplicity of life in the past. Fracas by Robert Piguet, Narcisse Noir de Caron, which she remembers fondly, were fundamental to her realisation that she wanted to create perfumes. Always with a vintage background, giving importance to creating slowly, without haste, as it was done in the old days.

The creation of Parfums Dusita, Maison de Haute Parfumerie.

But in 2006 something happened that threw her and her mother’s life into a tailspin. Her beloved father passed away, and a few years of sadness followed until, encouraged by her mother, she made several trips, visiting the cities her father loved so much.

It was at this point that she arrived at Paris, alone and with sadness she imagined that she would never visit the places her father loved. And it was through her own efforts that she came to realise that this city held treasures around every corner, moments of inspiration and creativity.

She created her own perfumery organ and began to create her own perfumes, totally self-taught and with the help of books. The Paris perfume community gave her advice and support in her early days, and she was lucky enough to meet François Hénin, the director of Parfums Jovoy, who encouraged her to launch her own brand. Parfums Dusita has its own Maison de Haute Parfumerie at 11 Rue de la Sourdière, Paris.

Parfums Dusita Boutique daring light perfumes niche barcelona 1024x779 - PARFUMS DUSITA

Of course, in this life there are bad tongues, and in her early days she also received a lot of criticism due to her lack of professional training. Something that happens everywhere, but talent and creativity is innate, and life has shown us that just like a flower, it grows in the least expected place.

Thus Parfums Dusita was born, a brand that just by the meaning of its word, happiness and paradise in Thai, aims to bring these terms to the world. In an artisanal and vintage way, which I love and which is my greatest love.

With creations that have won the highest awards in independent perfumery, she has managed to create a brand that is emblematic of the most artistic niche perfumery.

Pissara Umavijani award 2017 daring light perfumes niche barcelona 1024x683 - PARFUMS DUSITA

Bringing the poetry of Montri Umavijani to us in the form of perfume, which we can read on the box of each one of them, and with a latest launch called Montri, where she condenses the ultimate tribute to the figure of her beloved father, a lover of perfumery and that on every trip he made to his beloved cities, he brought a perfume, and Pissara remembers in his memory.

Welcome Parfums Dusita to Daring Light, a shop that was born with a past similar to yours, and we will see where the future takes us, and to start with we twinned as an official retailer shop.

Strength and Health.

Sergio Martínez Anaya.

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