The Manor




Anaïs Biguine was inspired by her favourite place to live, creating a line of candles serenely crafted in her factory in Normandy.

BETWEEN SEA & FOREST offers an olfactory journey that evokes the atmosphere of her manor house, a visit to the farm with its vegetable fragrances or the sea spray of a wild beach.

Discover the essence of comfort with the captivating Between Sea & Forest candles. Each burning flame envelops you in a warm and comforting embrace, creating a cosy ambience that invites you to relax and enjoy.

Immerse yourself in The Manor, a fragrance that combines Anglo-Norman charm with a cosy atmosphere. Smoky Earl Grey mingles with the warm glow of a fireplace, all against a soft backdrop of antique roses.

The evocative scent of log fire, the elegant touch of Earl Grey and the delicacy of garden roses intertwine with each inhale, giving you an unparalleled experience of comfort.

Each Between Sea & Forest candle, weighing 500 grams, is meticulously handcrafted in the Normandy factory of Anaïs Biguine, where serenity merges with craftsmanship. With 100% vegetable soy wax and wooden wicks, these candles offer a sustainable option to illuminate your home.

Discover an oasis of well-being with Between Sea & Forest and transform your space into a sanctuary of tranquillity. Let their soft glow and fragrance envelop you, creating moments of comfort and serenity that will accompany you in every moment.

Notes description -

Firelight, Earl Grey and garden rose.

Release year - 2022

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Scented Candles.

Gender Home,UNISEX


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