June 18, 2021 • Daring Light

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The grey market

From the moment I thought about the business idea of a perfumery and cosmetics shop, there was always one fundamental value, and it was respect.    


Perfumery offers each person a type of concentrate in the formulation of a perfume. The combination of different fragrance compounds creates a concentrated perfume that must be diluted with alcohol or oil.


If you are asked how to apply perfume, I am convinced that this information was inculcated in our mothers’ wombs. Without knowing it, we have all unknowingly proceeded in the following way: on the wrists, neck and forearm. This is typical, but really, we are wrong in the way we apply it and how weDescribe me

Daring Light, love for perfumery.

Welcome to the first post of the Daring Light blog, a space that I have created to give shelter to my passion for perfumery. And to be able to survive the crisis, offering quality and official perfumes.  

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