Spring Rain




MB Parfums, founded by Marina Barcenilla in 2011, is an artisanal perfumery that quickly blossomed into a standout in the industry. Its commitment to authenticity and connection with nature is reflected in each captivating fragrance. Recognized with the FiFi UK award in 2016, it transformed The Perfume Garden into Marina Barcenilla Parfums, maintaining the ethos of creating exceptional natural fragrances.

Success continued with awards such as the Beauty Shortlist and Eluxe Award in 2017 and 2018. Their innovative approach is evident in creations like “Out of This World” from their second brand, AromAtom.

Your soul awakens to the whisper of a thousand new leaves announcing the season. Stalks of green grass, shining amidst the carpet of crocuses and daffodils, invite a moment of silent reflection. A dawn chorus, accompanied by the caress of Spring Rain, softens your horizon and brings with it the promise of a new beginning.

Fresh and aromatic. Spring Rain brings an herbaceous elegance, harmonized with a silent rose before a bed of moss, frankincense, and soft white woods adds complexity and body to this effervescent creation, like a poem dancing in the fresh air of spring.

In every morning, the dew reveals a magical whisper, a secret shared with nature, inviting you to immerse yourself in the eternal poetry of renewal.

Notes description -

Olfactory notes: bergamot, mint, rosemary, rosemary, leaf alcohol, lavender, geranium, rose, blood orange, lemon, nagarmotha, kabreuva wood, Indian frankincense and tree moss.

Release year - 2015

Additional information

Perfume Concentration

Eau de Toilette

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Fragrance type

Eau de Toilette. Vaporisateur.



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