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Francesca Bianchi


Francesca Bianchi creates exceptional perfumes, which are an expression of her deepest feelings.

Francesca Bianchi is the creator of the fragrances of the brand that bears her name.

A self-taught perfumer, in 2016 she began producing perfumes entirely by hand in her Amsterdam laboratory, devoting countless hours to the creation for a formula, leading her to feel like a hermit, enduring the nerves of the final touches and holding her breath for each drop she adds as if in a sacred ritual.

Once she has a finished formula, she entrusts the production to a small Italian artisan company.

This allowed her to focus more on sourcing raw materials, but above all on her creative projects.

Francesca’s brand is not the result of a financial operation, conceived by investors and the marketing department.

For her, the perfume is a work of art, the result of an intellectual and emotional journey, which is not subject to marketing plans or market research, nor to the investors’ need to make a profit.

This character of authenticity and art makes her creations unique and appreciated, which noticeably touch people’s inner feelings.

In fact, Francesca calls her creations “Liquid Emotions”, because the awakening of emotions, of a strongly evocative sensation is her absolute priority.

A complex and multifaceted composition, rich in nuances and open to reading, characterises her works.

With a very high concentration of perfume, her Extrait de Parfum are coveted all over the world as authentic works of art, which, curiously enough, is the degree that Francesca Bianchi holds.

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