Hermann à Mes Côtés me Paraissait Une Ombre




Hermann à mes côtés me paraissait une ombre by État Libre d’Orange is a sensory journey into the mysteries of life and death.

Discover the essence of individuality with État Libre d’Orange and immerse yourself in a world of bold, authentic fragrances that defy convention and celebrate freedom of expression.

Inspired by Victor Hugo’s poem, “What were the two riders thinking…?“, this intriguing fragrance has life and death, past and present, as its background. The sombre and reflective tone of the fragrance invites deep contemplation, as does the poem.

Fragrance wearers, akin to the poem’s narrator and Hermann, partake in sensory dialogue, offering contrasting perspectives.

Earthy, woody notes evoke nocturnal forest depths, while floral, spicy notes recall life’s fleeting beauty.

The fragrance reflects the characters’ journey through life and death, as the structure of the poem suggests.

Moments of darkness intertwine with flashes of light, creating a rich and nuanced sensory experience.

Hermann à mes côtés me paraissait une ombre captures the human essence, recalling the eternal companionship of our shadow.

État Libre d’Orange once again shows us the delicacy it brings to its creations by combining poetry and perfumery.

Notes description -

Top notes: black pepper, galbanum and blackcurrant.
Heart notes: frankincense, Geosmin and rose absolute.
Base notes: vetiver, patchouli and Ambroxan.

Release year - 2015

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Perfume Concentration

Eau de Parfum

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