Yes I Do, Don’t Get Me Wrong Baby




Discover the mystery of Yes I Do, Don’t Get Me Wrong Baby by État Libre d’Orange.

Discover the essence of individuality with État Libre d’Orange and immerse yourself in a world of bold, authentic fragrances that defy convention and celebrate freedom of expression.

Meet this charming young lady, holding a bouquet of orange blossom and lily of the valley, exuding a captivating blend of sweetness, light and delicate grace.

Imagine her as a graceful dancer, gracefully twirling her way to your heart. However, beneath its youthful charm lies a depth of complexity. She reveals layers beyond innocence with grace and skill, like a dancer fusing jazz and classical ballet.

It begins with the purity of white flowers and awakens with a seductive flash of patchouli that captivates. It is a delicate balance between innocence and seduction, promising an evolution from sparkle to fire, from warm sweetness to passionate intensity.

This beautiful lady embodies a sweet mystery, waiting for someone to unravel. And when the time comes, when he asks the question, “Do you …?” His answer is simple but profound, “Yes, I do.”

In that instant, it unveils all secrets, revealing the true essence of its beauty and complexity.

Yes I Do, Don’t Get Me Wrong Baby by État Libre d’Orange, holds a mystery waiting to be discovered.

Notes description -

Top notes: aldehyde, lily of the valley and pear.
Heart notes: peony, jasmine and orange blossom.
Base notes: cedarwood, cocoa absolute and musk.

Release year - 2016

Additional information

Perfume Concentration

Eau de Parfum

Olfactory Family



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Fragrance type

Eau de Parfum. Vaporisateur.



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