According to Luis Buñuel, mystery is the basic element of every work of art. And it is in this spirit that Mystery, Modern Mark (M³) was created.
Dan Mark always wanted to create a brand that communicates uniqueness, but with mystery at its core.

VIIth Rue, was meticulously crafted with a precise blend of olfactory notes. The name VIIth Rue originates from the very heart of its creation, symbolizing the culmination of a journey that spanned seven meticulous attempts. In the world of perfumery, the path to perfection resembles navigating through a labyrinth of diverse streets in search of that elusive essence, one that encapsulates inspiration, evokes emotions, and fulfills every expectation.

On the seventh street, the fragrance revealed itself as the coveted treasure, where expectations were not only met but transcended.

The word “Rue,” which means “street” in French, embodies the essence of this fragrance, symbolizing the zenith of its olfactory journey, a fragrance that stands as the epitome of Mystery, Modern Mark’s skill.

VIIth Rue is an intimate olfactory masterpiece, an exquisite blend that awakens the senses, a heart that speaks of passion, and a base infused with warmth, richness, and allure. This fragrance is a symphony of emotions, a journey of the senses, and a tribute to the art of perfumery.

Notes description -

Top notes: lemon and bergamot.
Heart notes: rose.
Base notes: white musk, sandalwood and amber.

Release year - 2022

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Perfume Concentration

Eau de Parfum

Olfactory Family

Fragrance type

Eau de Parfum. Vaporisateur.



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