Urma Vie




Urma Vie by Adi Ale Van, reliving Jerusalem: a sensory journey into the sacred.

Adi ale Van is a brand of artistic perfumes from Romania.
Founded in 2021 by artist Adi ale Van, in limited series.

Everything is handmade, with perfect attention to detail. The artist’s inspiration comes from ancient Romanian traditions, from the old memories of his family, from his people lost in the mists of time.

This is an old dream I had that refers to a trip to the city of the Holy Jerusalem, to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. To the places and smells I met on my way to Jerusalem.

To the spice stores where your senses are surrounded by the exotic smells of the Far East. The front of the lid is inspired by the Lions’ Gate, one of the ancient entrances to the Holy City.

It is a teleportation of body and soul to another world, where you will feel emotions you have never experienced before. It is a journey of no return to the world of the senses, an overdose of sacred incense.

-Adi Ale Van.

Each bottle and each box is unique, created by hand in Romania, and the imperfections only add to the value of each one.

Extrait of hope.

Notes description -

Top notes: whisky and salty notes.
Heart notes: incense, amber, resins and vetiver.
Base notes: incense, oak moss and patchouli.

Release year - 2022

Additional information

Perfume Concentration

Extrait de Parfum

Olfactory Family





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Fragrance type

Extrait de Parfum. Vaporisateur.



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