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The action of applying a perfume is not just about applying a particular scent, it has more to it than that. It is not ideal to apply a strident fragrance at certain times when tranquillity is required.

What do you look for when you apply perfume?

The action of applying a perfume is not just about applying a particular scent, it has more to it than that. It is not ideal to apply a strident fragrance at certain times when tranquillity is required.

Although it is up to each person to use their own particular perfume, it is true that other people will feel the gift of being able to smell your perfume, and you may be uncomfortable with their reactions. I’ll be honest, I don’t mind up to a certain limit.

How important is smell in our daily lives, and perfumery?

You, your presence, and your aura are a whole in the personal entity you transmit. And thus, the smell you transmit is an imprint of your person. A bad first impression of yourself to other people who are prejudiced by appearance, in business matters, can be a disaster for your purpose, and even if you don’t take it into account at first, smell is fundamental.

In nature, smell plays a fundamental role, and the human being has seen his ability to smell in detail. Smell, an essential sense for animals to reproduce, determine territories, detect nearby prey, or know how to recognise their herds. As the intelligent beings that we are, we have disdained this virtue and we run the risk of losing more and more of our ability to smell with each generation. This saddens me.

But fortunately for us, it will not be lost altogether. Smell serves us to detect dangerous situations, as it is our detector for recognition and interaction with our environment. A fire, a gas leak, spoiled food or chemical spills can all be detected thanks to this sense. Therefore, it will not be lost, as it is an essential sense for our survival as a species. Pheromones in humans have always been a matter of controversy. It continues to be debated whether it is a myth or not.

And for many, including myself, another very stimulating sense; taste is linked to smell. Those who have suffered the loss of smell, or anosmia, have gone through or are going through a trauma in one of the most comforting moments of our daily lives, which is eating. The chewing and swallowing of the food we put in our mouth propels its aerial atmosphere from the mouth to the roof of the nostrils, producing an olfactory stimulation simultaneous to chewing and swallowing, bringing together taste and smell sensations. The tongue is only capable of detecting five tastes. Although I have read that there is a sixth taste, which would be fat, but I do not know if this has been scientifically proven.

The sweet and salty taste, which is produced on the tip of the tongue.

The bitter taste, which is produced at the back of the tongue.

The sour and umami taste, which is produced on the sides and in the middle of the tongue.

All the nuances that we feel when we eat are fundamentally due to the sense of smell. Now that I have placed the importance of smell, let’s go into what a perfume conveys on the skin.

I like this perfume and I don’t like this perfume

Beyond the likes and dislikes, a perfume consumer should devote more time to the perfume he or she tries. Mainly because a perfume is not the top note. A perfume has numerous notes and layers, which give it a spectacular changing power. I am talking about perfumes of proven quality. Chemical fragrances, with the sole purpose of giving shine to a star of today, will not bring you anything.

That’s why, when you buy a perfume, you should spend a minimum of time testing it and let it act on your skin if possible. Determine its changing state, and break down the barriers you place on yourself. My biggest tip, if you buy in a physical perfumery, is to apply the perfume and walk around with it. Don’t buy it at the first application from the tester. Spend a minimum of time with it.

And if you buy online, Daring Light has the samples for you to use several times. That way you will unravel all the magic that is in you, when you apply that perfume.

The visual scent in perfumery

And that’s when what Ramón Monegal called “olfactory image” comes into play. Personally, I like the term “visual smell” better, since not all of us have the same means or economic power to take care of this aspect. So, the “olfactory image” is more intrusive in one’s privacy, as it can be internalised and you may not enjoy the perfumery if you think about it too much. That is why the visual smell is what you feel when you apply a certain perfume. And you externalise those sensations into your daily plan.

That’s why I emphasise to test, test and test a fragrance before you jump into buying it. The demerit of a shop is when a dissatisfied customer buys something they don’t like. And at Daring Light, we make it easy for you to buy your own fragrances.

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