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MB Parfums, founded by Marina Barcenilla in 2011, is an artisanal perfumery that quickly blossomed into a standout in the industry. Its commitment to authenticity and connection with nature is reflected in each captivating fragrance. Recognized with the FiFi UK award in 2016, it transformed The Perfume Garden into Marina Barcenilla Parfums, maintaining the ethos of creating exceptional natural fragrances.

Success continued with awards such as the Beauty Shortlist and Eluxe Award in 2017 and 2018. Their innovative approach is evident in creations like “Out of This World” from their second brand, AromAtom.

Welcome to the enchanting world of The Perfume Garden by MB Parfums, a masterpiece that pays homage to the ephemeral beauty of nature. Imagine a fragrant garden with a thousand flowers, smiling and welcoming you with its beautiful roses. This perfume is more than a fragrance; it’s an experience, an eternal memory.

The Perfume Garden immerses you in the magic of a scented garden, where citrus brightness intertwines with the delicacy of orange blossom infused with roses. This exquisite perfume transports you to the shade of a tree that shelters a lily pond, nurtured and loved for five years. Now, that perfumed garden becomes an eternal gift for you.

Discover the mysterious floral elegance that envelops The Perfume Garden. A rich combination of ambergris and resins perfectly balances the sacred heart of sandalwood. Every drop of this fragrance tells the story of a love dedicated to nature and the creation of unforgettable memories.

Immerse yourself in the essence of The Perfume Garden and carry with you the magic of a garden that transcends time.

At Daring Light, we share with you this gem from MB Parfums, a sensory experience that endures beyond seasons.

Winner of the Best Fragrance Award at The Natural Health Beauty Awards Winners 2017.

Notes description -

Olfactory notes: sandalwood, benzoin, labdanum, jasmine, rose, neroli, orange blossom (absolute and organic extract), petitgrain, green mandarin and ambergris.

Multiple notes and accords of rose, neroli oils and sandalwood are found in the fragrance.

Release year - 2016

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Parfum. Vaporisateur.



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