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One of the greatest fears of a perfumer is to lose his or her ability to smell. This is not only for perfumers, but for everyone.

One of the greatest fears of a perfumer is to lose his or her ability to smell. This is not only for perfumers, but for everyone. But it is extremely serious for a perfumer to lose the ability to differentiate smells and notes that he or she has learned over the years.

There are two pathologies, hyposmia, which affects in a mild or moderate form, and anosmia, which is very worrying as it is the most serious form in which smell and taste (as they are related) are totally lost.

Why is smell lost?

Unfortunately, as I mentioned in previous posts, smell is a very detailed sense. It is not given the attention it really deserves, and it can often take months before a person suffering from this disorder goes to the specialist on duty. I therefore recommend that, if you are affected by this disorder, you go to your ENT specialist for an examination.

There are several reasons why this disorder appears, such as respiratory viral infections, allergies, traumatisms, etc. I don’t want to go into this in depth as this is not a medical blog and it is not my intention to scare anyone.

But I will tell you that the main reason is due to a condition in the olfactory mucosa, which is where the olfactory stimulus is generated and then the olfactory bulb processes the information received and sends it to the brain. It is at this point that there is a disconnection, or a blockage due to infection.

 Coronavirus and loss of smell

About 75% of people affected by the coronavirus have or had anosmia. And I’m not talking about hyposmia. So, the severity is important.


Is the sense of smell restored?

Although, to the hope of those affected, more than 80% recover completely. There are 20% who have to fight very hard to fully recover their sense of smell, and the biggest problem is that they may end up with chronic anosmia, or even undergo surgery, but in very specific cases.


What to do if I don’t smell my favourite perfume

Normally, the sense of smell recovers once the cause has been cured, but if there are after-effects, it will require olfactory training. This training will consist of carrying out a process of recovery of everyday smells during two short daily sessions. The period of time is based on the severity of the patient, but not less than three months.

The procedure is to have several bottles of essential oils and to recognise the smells. This point is fundamental for the perfumer. Not recognising the smells of materials that have been memorised for years is extremely painful.

After this period, and having been monitored by the specialist, an olfactometry test will be carried out, which will be essential to assess the improvement.

Once you have recovered, you will be able to purchase perfumes, with delivery within 24 hours

Once you have recovered from your condition, I encourage you to access Daring Light and buy your ideal perfumes with 24-hour delivery. One of the things that is making Daring Light so popular is that they ship whenever possible, on the same day the order is placed. I like to call them 24-hour perfumes, because you will get them quickly. In addition to the elegance in shipping and care.

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Enjoy your holidays, and be daring enough to try new fragrances at your holiday destination, you will receive them at the speed of daring light (sic, I hope you understand the pun with Daring Light). And if you are being treated for anosmia, or hyposmia, don’t give up, it is crucial to follow medical advice.

Strength and health!

Sergio Martínez Anaya



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