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On Sunday the 3rd of April, Daniel Josier presented us his new collection. A collection that will contain six perfumes and that, due to logistical problems, could not be presented on the desired date, which was the 3rd of April.

Signature by Daniel Josier Perfumes, and April 3rd, his first perfume.

The perfumes of his signature Daniel Josier, always transmit moments of his life, happy or with another personal touch, and in the new collection called Signature he will go into the depths of his feelings, and will offer us the most personal representation of his being.

The first perfume in the Signature line will be April 3rd, dedicated to a woman who was born on the 3rd of April and died on the 3rd of April. Born in Seville, and with her Andalusian character, it was inevitable that the perfume would bring the joy of the sun-drenched lands of Andalusia.

With a cheerful and fresh top note of orange blossom and bitter orange from Seville, it will be the prelude to a magnificent and very intense floral combo. Powerful and in tune notes, we will find in the heart of the perfume a precious floral bouquet with narcissus, rose, orchid, ylang ylang, muguet and jasmine. Almost nothing.

And to close this perfect bouquet, darkness.

A darkness of the feeling of loss, of grief and nostalgia. The message Daniel intends to send with this perfume is that of a tough, passionate and strong woman. For this reason, the never-missing note in his creations is sandalwood, together with the woody and evocative tones of patchouli and the energy and vigour of oud and civet.

An undeniably wild base, but with the initial joy and the floral combo, it will close the circle in an unbeatable way. A perfume that is a real success.

A date sadly marked in Daniel, since this perfume is dedicated to his mother. Coincidences do exist, and the 3rd of April had to be marked in the family memory in the worst way.


Signature by Daniel Josier, feelings at the surface of the skin

Although it appears to be a women’s perfume, as Daniel told us, it is the masculine representation of a woman’s perfume. It is not going to be marketed as a feminine perfume, but as a unisex one. From the notes it contains, and based on his mother’s iconic perfume, First by Van Cleef & Arpels, for the body of April 3rd, we may be on the verge of a new Daniel Josier bombshell.

Men who wear it will evoke relationships from the past, the light and darkness of life, but doesn’t this happen to everyone? As I have always said, perfumery is unisex, the market has segregated by gender.

The Return of Orquídea; Black Widow by Daniel Josier

Subsequent to April 3rd, the recreation of a discontinued, iconic and much missed perfume by the perfume-loving collective, Orquídea, will appear. With more energy and power, Black Widow will be another bombshell in Signature.

And to finish off the first three releases in the line, we’ll have another recreation. Interdit Absente has recently been discontinued, and Daniel has turned it around for a greener, more vigorous scent, with the addition of mugwort. Tangy Caper will be his name.

Over the next two years, the line will be completed with all six perfumes, and the last three are a mystery at the moment.

So much for the presentation of the new line, which we are looking forward to and which you will of course be able to purchase at Daring Light from May 2022.

Strength and health!

Sergio Martínez Anaya.

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