Santal Diamond




Let yourself be enchanted by the mastery of master perfumer Toni Cabal and his creations.

Santal Diamond by Toni Cabal is a perfume that shines like a diamond in every aspect. This fragrance is a jewel in itself, an olfactory masterpiece that captivates the senses from start to finish.

In its opening, this perfume dazzles like a raw diamond, with the effervescent essence of orange intertwining with the richness of saffron and the seductive freshness of red apple. This harmonious combination in the opening sets the stage for a truly luxurious olfactory experience.

As you delve into the depths of Santal Diamond, you will discover a heart that is a jewel in itself: a rose and geranium that embrace like delicate settings, while clove adds the spark of a faceted diamond, creating a symphony of aromas that speaks of timeless attraction.

The journey of this fragrance culminates in a rich and warm base that lingers on the skin like a precious gem. Mysore sandalwood, tonka beans, and labdanum intertwine in a perfumed dance that leaves an unforgettable imprint, like a diamond that shines in memory.

Santal Diamond by Toni Cabal is a fragrance worn like a jewel, a statement of elegance and luxury.

Notes description -

Top notes: orange, saffron and red apple.
Heart notes: rose, geranium and clove.
Base notes: Mysore sandalwood, tonka bean and labdanum.

Release year - 2023

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Eau de Parfum. Vaporisateur.



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