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Every 23 April, Catalonia celebrates Sant Jordi’s Day. A festival where lovers give each other roses and books.

Sant Jordi and the fearsome dragon.

The legend of Sant Jordi goes back to medieval times when there were dragons, knights and princesses. In the village of Montblanc, there lived a fearsome dragon that terrorised its inhabitants. In order to avoid being eaten by the fearsome dragon, they sacrificed their livestock to avoid falling into the jaws of the fearsome creature.
But the livestock ran out, and to avoid being eaten out of control, they decided to draw lots to decide who would be eaten.

The names of the inhabitants of Montblanc and the royal family were put into a large pot and every day one was drawn and eaten by the dragon. The days went by, until one day the name of the princess, Cleodolinda, appeared.

Her father, the King wept and begged to save his daughter’s life, but destiny was what it was. Many people had been brought to a cruel fate and many tears had been despised. So no one could prevent the death of the young princess.

Resigned, the royal family took their daughter to the place where the dragon dwelled and the crackling of breaking branches could be heard. The dragon was inexorably approaching.

And when all seemed lost, a knight in shining armour appeared on a beautiful white steed. Reckless and brave, he leapt upon the dragon, knocked it down and delivered a deadly thrust into the heart of the animal that defeated it. This knight was Sant Jordi.

Once on the ground, blood spurted from the dragon and made an immense rosebush of red roses grow. And Sant Jordi chose the most beautiful one to give to the princess.

sant jordi daring light perfumes niche barcelona mnac 205x300 - SANT JORDI; ROSES, BOOKS, AND NICHE PERFUMES!

The tradition of giving a rose as a gift on Sant Jordi.

After freeing the princess from the dragon, this chivalrous gesture has been the representation of love in Catalonia. The celebration of Sant Jordi, is the maximum expression of the day of lovers, being much more popular than even Saint Valentine’s Day. There are countless stalls selling roses in Catalonia on this day.

And every April 23rd, lovers give each other bouquets of roses, both men and women. And if you don’t like roses, then books, as this same day is International Book Day. So in Catalonia it is the day of roses and books.

sant jordi daring light perfumes niche barcelona 300x200 - SANT JORDI; ROSES, BOOKS, AND NICHE PERFUMES!

Sant Jordi and niche perfumery.

And at Daring Light, a shop specialising in the most exclusive signature perfumery, we don’t sell flowers, but we do sell flower distillates. So in the niche perfumery you will find the best essential oils and rose absolutes. With many varieties.

And for this reason, I want to show you my recommendations, based on the scented flower, some fragrances where the rose is the protagonist.

There are not going to be many recommendations, so I will leave many out.

I couldn’t leave out of my list a discontinued perfume, which fortunately I collected at the time and there are still a few left for sale. And it’s none other than Grasse by Note 33. If you’re a lover of centifolia rose, it’s a must-have. And also with a very important discount.

Cicuta, by V Canto. It is inspired by the most beautiful love story ever written, the love of authentic origin, deep roots and homeland. A sublime, tremendously gothic Extrait de Parfum.

Duo des Fleurs by Senyokô, an exquisite blend of jasmine and rose otto. Exotic and very sensual.

Bosphorus Pearl by Alghabra Parfums. One of Alghabra Parfums most intense roses. Erotic, sensual and long-lasting. A sublime Extrait de Parfum.

Do you like dirty roses in perfumery? Try Rose Oud by Korloff. Once you try it, you’ll need it, I’ve warned you. That blend of oud and rose, of exquisite quality, will cloud your judgement.

Hatria by Angela Ciampagna. A dark rose, the kind I love.

One of the most iconic brands of the most exclusive perfumery could not be missing in this selection, as Xerjoff brings together all the charm of Italian haute perfumery, together with the exoticism of the Orient in its compositions. One of my favourites is Alexandria II. A camouflaged and very elegant rose, with a very high quality oud, which will delight the most demanding noses.

And we finish with two new arrivals.

Rose Poetique by Manos Gerakinis. Considered one of the best rose fragrances and Rose and Me by Coreterno, delicate and passionate.

And many more to name. There are roses for all tastes and with more than thirty different brands in Daring Light, it is increasingly difficult to decide.

A big hug, and as we say in Catalonia….

Feliç diada de Sant Jordi!

Health and Strength!

Sergio Martínez Anaya.


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