Rien by État Libre d’Orange is not just a perfume; it is a second skin that clings to the body and lingers in the mind.

Discover the essence of individuality with État Libre d’Orange and immerse yourself in a world of bold, authentic fragrances that defy convention and celebrate freedom of expression.

Nothing is Everything…

Don’t trust appearances!

Under the discretion of the name, the spicy flavor of black currants and the mossy notes of blond suede are hidden.

Like a venial sin on the verge of mortal, it is irresistible and decidedly pervasive.

As light as mohair and as precious as cashmere, this fragrance envelops the skin with a powdery caress. It has the meticulous elegance and hypnotic beauty of a modern Dorian Gray, in a unisex version.

It is an enchanting fragrance that leaves an indelible impression. Absolutely charming and charismatic. The vanilla/opium chord in the background reinforces its addictiveness!

Rien is essential.

Notes description -

Top notes: black pepper, Safraleine (saffron and leather accord) and essence of Orpur incense.
Heart notes: leather, lily absolute and rockrose absolute.
Base notes: Orpur® patchouli, Orpur® vetiver and oak moss.

Release year - 2013

Additional information

Perfume Concentration

Eau de Parfum

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