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Pissara Umavijani


Dusita grew out of the great passion of Pissara Umavijani, whom everyone calls Ploi. She grew up in Thailand.

Her creations are an extension of her homeland.

A young artist with a passion for fragrances, she began creating her own perfumes.

Montri Umavijani was the father of Ploi, a fascinating Thai poet.

Being the daughter of a poet, she was drawn to the poetry books in her parents’ house. So it was only a matter of time before Ploi, drawing on her father’s poetry, created her first compositions.

She saw little chance of expansion and growth in Thailand, so in 2011, she decided to move to Paris, taking her creations and dream with her.

Her dream was to have her own “maison de parfum”. And she succeeded. She started creating fragrances for other brands, until finally in 2016, Dusita was born.

Dusita is a term that was carefully chosen, and could be translated as “paradise”, “satisfaction” or “joy”.

Pissara Umavijani continues her father’s poetic work by using the exotic substances of her homeland to create such unique and precious creations that have made Ploi a respected global perfumer, and we are proud of her acceptance of us as an official retailer.

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