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Freddie Albrighton


Freddie is a self taught perfumer living in the UK.

With a day job as a name well know in the tattoo industry, tattooing world wide.

Currently based in Worcestershire, and a background in all things creative, art and design based.

He has turned to creating his own fragrance line after being obsessed with fragrance for over 15 years.

He has had some sort of involvement in the community in one way or another, whether writing about perfume or collaborating with other brands.

The collection of fragrances were constructed in the midst of the pandemic, not being able to work his day job and the desperate need to keep creating.

It felt organic for the fragrances to revolve around the ideas of great memories, nostalgia and the need for comfort.

The lack of communication and loss of loved ones represented in these also.  His style is novel, full of life and excitement, but effortlessly wearable in their pitch, texture and soft-touch.

Freddie lives with his equally creative partner Patrick, their chihuahua Cook and hairless cat (with surely the largest breasts of any animal) Turkey.

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