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Ellen Dahlgren


While the memories of most people are visual, Ellen’s are vividly painted with scents, defining Ellen’s world from birth.

Her extraordinary olfactory library grew exponentially as she grew up in cultures as diverse as Sweden, Canada and the United States.

Not yet aware of her gift and the option of a career as a perfumer, life chose a different path for Ellen in political finance.

A chance meeting with a world-renowned perfumer from Grasse changed everything.

After four years of perfumery studies, honing her expertise and craftsmanship, the eponymous niche brand was launched in 2018.

Ellen Dahlgren is the epitome of subversive, artisanal high perfumery for free-thinkers. As founder and perfumer, Ellen’s visionary approach and non-conformist character are able to reign in daring perfumes that stand beyond pandering to the masses.

For Ellen Dahlgren, taking on a certain extravagance is the truest representation of life.

People are complicated.

Beauty is flawed. Perfection is static. A synergy of art and science, her maverick vision, expert techniques and premium ingredients come together in complex fragrances inspired by fields as diverse as the dark melancholy of Nordic nature and psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s theory of scents connected to archetypal human character traits.

“I make perfumes that perfectly reflect the unmistakable personality of the wearer. Not the other way around.”

Ellen Dahlgren.

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