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Dominique Moellhausen

MUTIS Nueva Granada

“Perfumery is the most abstract form of art, where the artist who creates a fragrance does so using the palette that encapsulates his or her own feelings and images.

And the viewer/beneficiary can engage with it in different ways, thanks to the emotional richness that the artwork unleashes. I discovered how my creative soul, which initially manifested itself in poetry and painting, could find its perfect expression by playing with scents.”

She was born in Milan on 9 March 1992 to a Paraguayan mother of Dutch descent and a father of German descent.

From childhood, Dominique travelled the world with her father Anthony, who runs the family business, and from an early age she spoke and studied four languages: Italian and Spanish (mother tongue), English and French.

After high school, Dominique lived in London and Paris to study International Business. After graduating, she decided to strengthen her vocation for perfumery at the Perfumery Institute of Grasse, a prestigious international perfumery school.

A totally coherent study for a young woman with innate artistic gifts who grew up in a family with more than 50 years of tradition in the fragrance industry: the Moellhausen family, to be precise.

Dominique is a perfumer and Deputy Head of R&D at Moellhausen.

In 2020 she received impressive recognition for her young career as Perfumer of the Year at the Beautyworld Middle East Awards 2020.

On receiving this prestigious award, Dominique stated:

“I am proud to receive such recognition, which I dedicate to all my clients, my co-workers and my family, who have allowed me to live in an open and multicultural international environment, experiencing the fascinating variety of scents that characterise the world’s ethnicities and cultures.”

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