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Arina P. Franzén


My name is Arina and I am the founder of the studio “Dark Tales”. As a background, I am a professional writer-biographer with a degree in history and psychology.

Dark Tales began to grow as a brand in Moscow, Russia in July 2019. As a hobby, Arina, its creator, was selling her perfumes on Etsy. Until finally in September 2020 it was born as a registered trademark.

A lover of Gothic literature, Gothic art, illustrator and graduate in History and Psychology, she has been able to permeate all these facets in her creations. All with a dark and gothic undertone.

Dark Tales is the representation of the overflowing imagination of narrative fantasy, taken to the world of fragrances. To this day we can assure that the hobby has become a trade since having one of the limited and artisanal editions of its collection is a true gem.

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