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Do you like to smell exclusive perfumes, and likewise in your home?

Do you like to smell exclusive perfumes, and likewise in your home?

It is clear that we all like to create a good atmosphere in our home, and especially a cosy atmosphere. We like the place where we live to have a special smell just as much as we ourselves smell good, and if we use luxury perfumes, we want our home to smell like our love of exclusive fragrances.

We have numerous options for this, from the electric options found in a supermarket, which I do not recommend because they are completely chemical items that can cause allergic reactions, discomfort in pets, and our family members. And even electrical problems from overheating. So those items I am not going to recommend as I personally don’t use them.

Luxury perfumes, also in your home

The main thing that is essential to properly scent your home is to ventilate it if you use products that require heat to generate the fragrance. This is a priority even before using the exclusive perfumes that Daring Light offers you, as a continuously closed environment is not going to improve, even with exclusive perfumes, or the best fragrances. So don’t close the windows to keep the smell longer. If the product used is of high quality, don’t be afraid to ventilate your home at the same time as you perfume it. It has been proven that an environment overloaded with the combustion of an electric air freshener known from supermarkets pollutes the environment a lot and emits a lot of harmful particles, and without ventilation it can be very harmful to our health.

There are numerous volatile components, fine particles smaller than 2.5 microns that lodge in our lungs, formaldehyde, benzene, irritants and allergens that need to be minimised, and the best way is to invest in quality. And ventilate properly.

So, it’s better to let fresh air in at the same time as perfuming it. But try to avoid those electrical appliances that are constantly plugged in. And if you use them, make sure they are natural essential oil burners that you dose yourself.

What options are available which are healthy and offer me the best fragrances?

There are many options for this, and options that I consider and use in my daily life. From burning incense sticks, incense grains, scented candles, burning oils, and spray perfumes. All of which are of excellent quality, and available from Daring Light in their Home Fragrances section, which will grow over time.

As well as investing in our personal scent, it is essential to invest in the scent of our home, and Jardins d’Ecrivains spray perfumes are a very powerful and long-lasting bet. A light spraying will guarantee hours of perfumed fragrances. Being able to enjoy the quality of an Eau de Parfum in a spray perfume version is spectacular.

Similarly, their scented candles are of exceptional quality, and the essential oils used in both types of products are the same as in their perfumes. So, the quality is extraordinary.

And of course, what about the wardrobes where we keep our clean clothes. To be able to perfume them uniformly with a solid perfume like the one offered by Chapel Factory, is to give your clothes a special and unique identity, which many people will ask you about.

Your Eau de Parfum, in a home version

On the other hand, I personally use pure resins to perfume my home, but it is something that makes many people uncomfortable because of the smoke they expel. Which I love. It is a way of exorcising fears and worries when I apply the heat of the charcoal to them.

The burning of eucharistic incense, copal, myrrh, frankincense, frankincense, benzoin, etc. is especially appealing to me. The burning of quality incense sticks in the same way. This is something I have used for decades and they create a spectacular harmony in your resting place.

At Daring Light we are committed to continue growing and offering the best fragrances, so sign up and enjoy the loyalty, the gallery, and this blog that is growing little by little.

What is your bet to perfume your home?

Do you care about your health and that of your loved ones, at the same time that you perfume your place of rest?

Write us your concerns and ways of perfuming.

Health and strength!

Sergio Martínez Anaya

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