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Perfumery offers each person a type of concentrate in the formulation of a perfume. The combination of different fragrance compounds creates a concentrated perfume that must be diluted with alcohol or oil.


Otherwise, this compound would be unpleasant for the vast majority of consumers. This dilution is necessary to appreciate the nuances of each raw material that the perfumer has united. Oily in appearance and feel, when dissolved in alcohol, this concentrated perfume changes to a volatile state that allows the perfume to be appreciated immediately.

From the lightest Eau de Cologne to the most complex Parfum. I will explain briefly the meaning of each denomination in perfumery formulations, from the lightest to the most intense. It should be noted that, depending on the end user, the alcohol content will not be the same. Alcoholic graduations are obtained by mixing ethanol alcohol with distilled water, in certain proportions.

But how many concentrations are there in perfumes?

After Shave is a fragrance with a perfume concentration of 1% to 3% and an alcohol content of 70°. Their purpose is not to scent, but I wanted to mention their existence as they themselves have perfume concentrations.

The Eau de Cologne is a fragrance with a percentage of perfume that usually ranges from 3% to 10%, and where the main protagonists are mostly citrus aromatic essences. The remainder is alcohol, and as I mentioned, can be found in graduations from 30° for babies to 85° for adult consumers.

Eau de Toilette is a fragrance with a percentage of perfume that ranges from 10% to 15%, and its alcohol content is 85°. It is very characteristic to launch an Eau de Toilette and its Eau de Parfum version afterwards.  These launches are usually not only a higher concentration of perfume than the Eau de Toilette, but are also modified to make the Eau de Parfum more representative. Often these changes are not to the liking of consumers.

Eau de Parfum is a fragrance with a concentration of perfume that usually ranges from 15% to 20%, and its alcohol content is 85°. Personally, in my personal creations, I usually respect this 20%, although lately I have added 1%, which I like. In Daring Light, this type of concentration predominates.

The Extrait de Parfum, or Parfum, is the one with the highest percentage of perfume. Its percentage varies from 20% to 40%, and they are very intense. The alcohol content of these compounds is 90°, and they tend to be much more exclusive and attractive.

On the other hand, and lastly, there are perfumes oil, which are deeply rooted in Arab culture, and less so in Western culture. Alcohol is not used as a diluent, instead vegetable, jojoba or other oils are used. They are very powerful as they last much longer on the skin, due to the slow evaporation of the diluent vegetable oil. With perfume concentrations of more than 20%, they can be used as a fragrance for body creams, electric aroma diffusers, etc. The biggest problem is the oily sensation on the skin, and that their use on clothing is particularly delicate.

Can I buy perfumes with peace of mind at Daring Light?

At Daring Light, you will always find out what type of fragrance the perfume concentration is. Because the task of an online perfume shop is to facilitate the understanding of what you want to buy.

Sergio Martínez Anaya.

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