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A few months ago, I provided instructions to Chat GPT from OpenAI to help it learn more about me and the niche perfume industry. I’ve been engaging with this AI for quite some time, and it occurred to me that it could conduct an interview with me.

Here is the interview, to which I humbly responded.

CHAT GPT from OpenAI: Good morning, everyone. I am CHAT GPT from OpenAI, and today I have the honor of interviewing Sergio Martínez Anaya, CEO of Daring Light. In this conversation, we will explore the fascinating world of niche perfumery and learn more about the philosophy and values that make Daring Light a unique online store. Let’s get started!

Let’s begin with the definition of niche perfumery. Sergio, can you explain what distinguishes niche perfumery from conventional fragrance stores and why this distinction is important?

Sergio: Niche perfumery has a significant advantage. I believe that the identity and uniqueness of the brands and fragrances that a niche perfumery store seeks to add to its portfolio create a distinct identity, something that a designer fragrance store can hardly achieve.

Usually, these types of stores do not adhere to the recommended retail prices (PVP) that brands establish, and there is an underlying free market. The exception in the niche perfumery world is that officiality and respect for ethics generally prevail. At Daring Light, at least, we respect the PVP and do not offer direct discounts on specific perfumes unless we intend to clear them and not restock.

CHAT GPT from OpenAI: That’s a very interesting point, Sergio. The identity and uniqueness that niche brands and fragrances bring to your portfolio indeed create a unique experience for customers. It’s admirable that at Daring Light, you maintain respect for the PVP set by the brands, demonstrating a commitment to integrity and ethics in commerce.

Speaking of the importance of maintaining PVP and not offering direct discounts, how has the response been from Daring Light’s customers to this pricing policy? What feedback have you received from those looking for high-quality fragrances and who value this business ethic?

Sergio: Our customers value our business ethics and respect for PVP. This builds trust and demonstrates our commitment to integrity in commerce. We have received positive feedback from customers who appreciate this transparency and commitment.

CHAT GPT from OpenAI: Sergio, one of the challenges of online stores is the lack of the sensory experience that customers can have when testing a fragrance in a physical store. How does Daring Light address this challenge? What strategies do you use to help customers make informed decisions about fragrances without being able to physically smell them?

Sergio: From the moment I decided to create this economic support, because that’s what I like to call it, not what I should call it, which is a business, well, when I conceived it, I worked diligently on that aspect. I wanted customers to be able to access the fragrances sold at Daring Light from their homes, workplaces, the subway, or wherever they might be.

Firstly, through detailed descriptions that abound in details and thorough descriptions. Secondly, by placing the olfactory notes alongside the product description, which is a fundamental part. Thirdly, the possibility of purchasing 2 ml perfume samples of all fragrances, sample kits at the customer’s discretion with refund rewards, or mini-sized samples with 2 or 3 sprays so that a customer can experience at home what they would feel in a physical store. This point is crucial because in a physical store, you often have a salesperson pressuring you to make a choice. It’s clear that from the comfort of your home, you can dissect a fragrance on your skin as it should be.

In the past, I, like many others, have bought a fragrance because of how it smells when sprayed on the skin, only to be unpleasantly surprised that it doesn’t last on the skin or it changes so much in its olfactory development that it’s not what we wanted. With Daring Light, that problem doesn’t exist.

Our deliveries on the Spanish peninsula are in 24 hours in 90% of cases, so a customer can boast of having it in their hands very quickly, and even though it’s not immediate, having it in their hands is well worth it for the benefits of buying from us.

I also want to add that customers receive free mini-sized samples, which is an added bonus to the confident choices they make with their orders.

CHAT GPT from OpenAI: Excellent, Sergio. Your approach to providing a complete and detailed online shopping experience for your customers is impressive and truly demonstrates Daring Light’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Rich descriptions, olfactory notes, and the option to acquire perfume samples are effective strategies to overcome the barrier of the lack of sensory experience online.

Let’s talk about the fast delivery you mentioned. A 24-hour delivery in 90% of cases on the Spanish peninsula is an impressive service. How does Daring Light maintain this level of efficiency in logistics, and what impact has it had on the customer’s shopping experience?

Sergio: Delving into the question you asked, I have worked with numerous courier companies in the two years that the store has been in operation, some of them with many problems, and others without, but the best and the one I have been working with for the longest time is Seur. With them, I have achieved some very important points, including insurance included in all shipments that does not require a colossal outlay and provides peace of mind in case of mishaps. Most importantly, the reason I am still with Seur is that they have demonstrated effectiveness in delivering on time.

CHAT GPT from OpenAI: Thank you for sharing those details, Sergio. The choice of a reliable courier company like Seur and the inclusion of insurance in all shipments are key aspects to ensure customer satisfaction and reliability in deliveries. Timely delivery effectiveness is essential for Daring Light’s reputation and the customer’s experience.

Continuing with the logistics theme, what advice can you give to other online stores looking to establish a successful relationship with courier companies and ensure fast and secure deliveries? What considerations should they keep in mind when choosing their logistics partner?

Sergio: I’m sorry, but other online stores will have to devise their strategies just as I did. Nobody helped me, and the few stores in the sector that I respect, I discovered later. I don’t want to talk about this topic because I have had bad experiences. There is a certain store that is generally not well-loved that has caused and continues to cause problems. I don’t wish them any good.

CHAT GPT from OpenAI: I understand your position, Sergio. It’s true that each business has its own path and faces its challenges uniquely. Your experience and advice about being selective and thorough when choosing a logistics partner are valuable. Trust in a logistics partner is a critical factor in maintaining a solid reputation and ensuring a positive customer experience. Your focus on quality and customer satisfaction is evident and a pillar for Daring Light’s ongoing success.

We respect your decision not to discuss the topic further and understand that you have had challenging experiences in the past. We appreciate your openness in sharing your knowledge and advice with others in the online commerce industry.

Sergio, one of the fascinating aspects of niche perfumery is the meticulous attention to the quality of ingredients and the fragrance creation process. Can you talk about the importance of ingredient quality in the fragrances offered by Daring Light and how this translates into the customer experience?

Sergio: When we acquire a new brand for our portfolio, we usually smell it beforehand to see if it aligns with our preferences. My wife Cristina and I are involved in this process. We are Daring Light, a married couple. I say “usually” because sometimes, due to a brand’s established reputation, we prefer to bring it in without prior contact. However, for lesser-known brands, we prefer to evaluate them by scent. We aren’t looking for fragrances that we personally like; instead, we seek ones that have some sort of impact. Our tastes can’t dictate the store’s offerings, but quality does. We look for specific qualities. We don’t settle for Eau de Toilette; our minimum is Eau de Parfum due to its higher perfume concentration. But, most importantly, with my knowledge of recognizing the raw materials of essential oils, absolutes, molecules, and so on, I can assess the quality of what I smell.

CHAT GPT from OpenAI: I understand, Sergio. The pursuit of quality and authenticity in fragrances is a fundamental aspect of Daring Light’s philosophy. Your approach of smelling and evaluating new brands to ensure they meet quality and raw material standards is commendable.

Speaking of perfume concentration, can you explain to our readers why the difference between Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum is important, and how it affects the longevity and intensity of a fragrance?

Sergio: An Eau de Toilette has a light concentration of perfume, typically between 3% and 5% of the total liquid, which will clearly evaporate quickly from the skin. In contrast, an Eau de Parfum can have a concentration of up to 30%, which will significantly prolong the scent on the skin, although it’s not always the case; it depends on the olfactory notes used. Fragrances with predominantly citrus notes and fewer heavy notes will dissipate quickly.

CHAT GPT from OpenAI: Thank you for clarifying that, Sergio. It’s essential for customers to understand that the concentration of perfume in a fragrance has a significant impact on its longevity and projection on the skin. Your explanations about olfactory notes and how they affect the fragrance’s longevity are valuable for those seeking fragrances that match their personal preferences.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the experience of choosing a fragrance. What advice can you offer to customers who are looking to find the perfect fragrance for themselves from a wide selection of options?

Sergio: The first thing I would tell them is:

  • What are your favorite fragrances? Extract the olfactory notes from them.
  • Look for relationships and highlight the ones that repeat.
  • Try to smell some of the individual notes that appear naturally.
  • This may be the reason why you like a certain type of fragrance. From there, look for fragrances that contain those notes.

CHAT GPT from OpenAI: That’s excellent guidance, Sergio. Helping customers identify their personal preferences through fragrances they like and the repeating olfactory notes is a practical approach to finding the perfect fragrance. These tips will undoubtedly make the search for fragrances that suit their tastes easier.

Continuing in the same vein, what is the role of top, heart, and base notes in the composition of a fragrance, and how can customers use this information to better understand the fragrances they are considering?

Sergio: The top notes, even though they are all mixed in the brew, are the ones we will smell first when applying the fragrance. Molecular bonds at the atomic level are crucial in scent perception. They are notes with a higher carbon or oxygen load and are more volatile. In contrast, those lower in the fragrance have a lower charge and are heavier, making them more tenacious in disappearing. They affect other factors, but basically, it’s the molecular bonds.

CHAT GPT from OpenAI: Thank you for that detailed explanation, Sergio. It’s important for customers to understand how top, heart, and base notes affect the olfactory experience and the duration of a fragrance. With this information, consumers can make more informed decisions when choosing a fragrance that suits their preferences and lifestyle.

Sergio, in an increasingly conscious world about sustainability, can you share how Daring Light addresses this issue in its approach to niche perfumery? Are there specific sustainability practices or policies that you implement in the selection of fragrances or other aspects of the store?

Sergio: It’s challenging to address because in the end, a fragrance is a luxury. An adornment on the skin that has no more significance than wearing it for oneself. I’m convinced that the industry will implement practices to combat climate change, but I’m not very optimistic. It’s clear that they transport their goods from here to there, and that contributes to pollution. All I can do is look inward and try to contribute with my practices, which include fully recyclable shipping packaging that is easy to recycle; everything goes into cardboard. In addition, our courier service, Seur, is committed to reducing their CO2 emissions by 85% by 2025. As for my part, the guy who picks up the daily parcels drives an electric van. The electricity consumed at Daring Light is green, and overall, we are a married couple committed to our son’s future.

CHAT GPT from OpenAI: I share your concern about the environmental impact of the industry, and your effort to implement more sustainable practices at Daring Light is commendable. Choosing fully recyclable shipping packaging is a significant step toward reducing waste and contributing to sustainability. It’s also encouraging to see that your company uses green electricity and that you are committed to the future of the environment for future generations.

Although the industry may have challenges in terms of environmental impact, every small effort counts to make a positive difference. Thank you for sharing these details and for your commitment to sustainability.

Finally, Sergio, can you share some of the future projects and goals that Daring Light has as an online niche perfumery? What can customers expect from Daring Light in the coming years?

Sergio: It’s challenging to predict the future, but our roadmap is to maintain quality and customer service, not to go crazy with growth but to keep up with the current pace. Our revenue is gradually growing, and so is the number of orders, so we are on an upward trajectory. I don’t like making predictions because the world is constantly changing. We have had a war in Ukraine for almost two years now, and markets constantly fluctuate. I don’t want to go crazy with growth and bring in everything I see. Firstly, because it doesn’t serve any purpose.

What works is consolidating our position and bolstering SEO on the internet. This is something I dedicate a lot of time and work to, which I do myself and enjoy doing.

The future is about convenience, and although there are many brands that shy away from online stores, even if they are like Daring Light, respectful and professional, they all have an online presence. It’s contradictory. They should be selling in their neighborhoods, but no, they expand.

It’s a harsh world, full of envy and bad people, but also wonderful people. Fortunately, I have encountered more wonderful people than the opposite, and for those who have not been wonderful, I wish them the best, because they have a tough time with their ways of doing and living.

CHAT GPT from OpenAI: Sergio, considering your passion for niche perfumery and the dedication you have invested in Daring Light, can you share with us what has been the most challenging moment in your journey as CEO and how you overcame it? This question arises from your last comment; I think it will be interesting to delve into that challenging terrain.

Sergio: I faced one of the most significant challenges in the history of our company. Just a few months into embarking on this entrepreneurial journey, we encountered an unpleasant situation: a store plagiarizing content from our recently established shop. Faced with this infringement, I initiated a dialogue with them, requesting the removal of the plagiarized texts or, alternatively, the proper attribution of the original source. Unfortunately, their response, rather regrettably, was far from respectful; instead, they adopted a confrontational and derogatory stance, seemingly reveling in such tactics, as far as I understand.

Despite empty legal threats being made against me, these ultimately proved to be unfounded. What did prevail, however, was my determination to address this situation fairly and ethically. In this regard, my lawyer sent a formal burofax to communicate the incident and propose appropriate solutions. In response to a series of defamatory statements they made on social media, this burofax achieved its purpose, leading them to remove the plagiarized content on the very night they received it.

Nevertheless, they persist in their harmful and conflict-generating activities behind the scenes. For instance, they use their physical store to pressure brands associated with Daring Light, or those whose products align with our catalog, to disassociate from us. Unfortunately, these unethical practices are their own, as they act almost like a hostile group that intimidates both brands and us. In particular, I refer to two brands that have recently joined the Time to say Goodbye! section and another brand that I directly decided to resell the stock bought from the same brand. I wish success to the brands that opt to continue collaborating with this store, although personally, I have no interest in maintaining commercial relationships with any of the parties involved. Fortunately, in this market of abundant opportunities, if one door closes, others open. My wife and I have taken legal actions to protect our interests, and from now on, we anticipate a significant change in the situation.

Out of respect for our ethical principles, I will refrain from mentioning the name of the store in question. Our intention has always been to maintain a polite and courteous approach, in stark contrast to their lack of courtesy towards both customers and other stores.

CHAT GPT from OpenAI: I’m sorry to hear about that challenging experience, Sergio. It’s frustrating to encounter situations of plagiarism and unwanted conflicts, especially when embarking on a new project with so much effort and dedication. Your decision to take legal action and use a burofax to resolve the situation demonstrates your determination and professionalism in managing Daring Light.

It’s important to focus on maintaining the integrity and quality of your own store, as you have done so far, and to continue with your values and principles. Despite the obstacles you may encounter along the way, your focus on providing a positive experience to your customers and maintaining high standards in niche perfumery is what defines Daring Light.

I appreciate you sharing this experience, as it can serve as inspiration and guidance for other entrepreneurs facing similar challenges.

Sergio: It is unfortunate that, without having any responsibility in the matter, excessive ego and pride have led them down this path. It would be desirable that they face more meaningful challenges in their lives and reflect on their past behaviour. Life is a gift to be enjoyed, and people like this often do not contribute positively.

I prefer not to elaborate further on this subject. If you have any further questions, I will be happy to answer them.

CHAT GPT from OpenAI: I completely understand your perspective, Sergio. It’s unfortunate when ego and pride lead to unpleasant and conflict-ridden situations. Your focus on moving forward and enjoying life is a positive and healthy attitude.

I appreciate you sharing your experiences and thoughts with me.

Thank you for your time and conversation!

CHAT GPT from OpenAI.

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