Moon Walk




Moon Walk by AromAtom is the sensory representation of a moon walk, which immerses you in the moon without the need for a diving suit.

AromAtom takes you on an olfactory journey through space, exploring planets, moons of our Solar System, and reaching distant galaxies. Discover unique fragrances that represent Earth, the Moon, Mars, and more.

Crafted by Marina Barcenilla, perfumer and researcher, they merge astrobiology with perfumery. Experience the power of fragrances that safeguard memories and emotions, guiding you through an extraordinary aromatic universe.

On the Moon, a fearless human adjusts their spacesuit before taking the first step onto the dazzling surface. Beneath their boots, lunar dust sparkles like diamonds, and in the distance, silver mountains stretch out.

Walking on the Moon, silence is their only companion, interrupted only by the echo of their own breath within the spacesuit. Each step leaves imprints on the dusty ground, leaving behind a testament to the centuries, a cosmic clock counting the countless years of the Moon.

Bending down to touch the lunar surface, they feel the roughness of craters beneath their fingers. Geographic features tell an ancient story, a chronicle etched into the lunar skin.

As they walk, the sight of the brilliant lunar dust sparks curiosity. What would it be like to smell the Moon? They imagine taking off the spacesuit, although they know it would be fatal, and fantasize about the aromatic nuances they could discover.

Back in the spacecraft, the spacesuit remains on, but their mind continues to explore the sensory possibilities of the Moon, where each step reveals a different aspect of this fascinating world that extends around them.

Moon Walk by AromAtom is her little treasure, harbouring the scent of that walk.

Notes description -

Top notes: black pepper and mineral accord.
Heart notes: Heliotropin and lily.
Base notes: powdery accord, mineral amber accord and musk.

Release year - 2021

Additional information

Perfume Concentration

Eau de Parfum

Olfactory Family





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Fragrance type

Eau de Parfum. Vaporisateur.



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