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Nowadays, and despite the fact that civilisation thinks it is modernised and very advanced, this is not really the case. We live in a limbo in which advances have been made in technology, but the human species is not very different from how it was a few centuries ago.


Gender barriers in perfumery

While many barriers have been broken down over time, many others remain. You only have to look at the world in general to realise that no matter how much one society advances, other societies around the world are lagging behind, slowing down the overall progress of the species. But perhaps we are not as advanced as we think we are.

We only have to look at how people still ask if this or that perfume is for women, or if this or that perfume is for men. Perfumery and smells do not understand gender, maybe for some people, a sweet smell will be inappropriate, but who does not like to smell a floral scent? That is why the first perfumes at the end of the 19th century were for everyone, and from a century ago, with the launch of the first markedly feminine perfumes by Houbigant, Guerlain and Chanel, two very well-defined paths were already differentiated, the male and female line.

It was in the 1950s when the major brands of the time, deeply delimited the olfactory lines and launched perfumes for men, and advertising campaigns that delved deeply into general memory.

Painfully I have incorporated those lines into Daring Light as the market requires it, and in Daring Light you can find the best perfumes for men, women, and unisex. The latter term is the centre of the scale that measures how masculine something smells, or how feminine something smells. Again, I would eliminate those terms.

Delicate versus robust and powerful masculine notes

For perfumery pigeonholed as feminine, we are usually sold that they have to be delicate, floral, soft fragrances with very sensual announcements.

For masculine perfumes, or as many call men’s perfumes, a muscular, semi-godly man surrounded by a girl who gives him greater virility has to appear. I am totally against it.

Personally, perfumery is for everyone. Depending on how you feel about a perfume, you will use it or not. But clichés are here to stay, and unfortunately it will be very hard to break them.

I know that this differentiation will not be eliminated in a short period of time, but I do know that niche perfumery has something very nice, and that is that gender differences have been practically eliminated. That’s why at Daring Light there are a hundred proposals for all genders, and very few for a specific gender. And this statistic is increasing all the time.

Welcome to the new perfumery, the perfumery where there is no difference between a woman and a man.


Excellent gender-differentiated perfumes at Daring Light

Although I would recommend them to anyone, there are a pair of proposals in Daring Light that as a man I am passionate about, and those are:

MEFISTO Perfume for men

L’INTERDIT Perfume for men

And four other proposals for women, which are extraordinary:

MELLE CLÉO Perfume for women

MON PRÉCIEUX Perfume for women

LIRA Perfume for women

GRASSE Perfume for women

All of them have a marked point towards what the market trends have been consolidating, but as I have said other times, it depends on the same person, and their personal taste.


DARING LIGHT and its shipments in 24 hours

We are in the final stretch of August, and I hope you are still on holiday. For our part, this year is the year we have started our activity, we don’t do holidays. We are here for you.

If you are in your place of holidays and you notice that you left your favourite perfume or even want to try some of them during those days, from Daring Light I encourage you to make your purchase, and if you are going to be the next two days there, make the purchase of a vial of 2 ml, or a whole bottle (do not expose it to heat), because you will receive your perfumes 24 h, in Spain.

This way you will enjoy a new fragrance with an exemplary delivery service and the elegance that only Daring Light knows how to offer its customers.

And remember that in Daring Light you can buy the best perfumes for men and women, as most of them are unisex and will win you over.

Enjoy your holidays, and be daring enough to try new fragrances in your holiday destination.

Strength and health!!

Sergio Martinez Anaya

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