The fragrances of the Mutis Nueva Granada brand ooze the languid and sensual atmosphere of those equatorial territories.

That feeling of suspension of time and expansion of space immortalized by Nobel Prize for Literature winner Gabriel Garcia Márquez, also a son of Colombia.

Thanks to the Magic Realism which pervades through his work, Márquez made his home country popular around the whole world.

Maracaibo by Mutis, Nueva Granada, immerses you in an olfactory experience that captures the historical and natural essence of the region of Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela. This perfume pays tribute to the rich history of the area, marked by colonizers, looters, pirates, and treasure seekers throughout the centuries.

Inspired by the fascinating Catatumbo Lightning, a nightly spectacle over the lake, Maracaibo by Mutis embodies the energy of millions of fireflies, according to the belief of the Wari indigenous people, who pay homage to the fathers of creation. For the Yucpa and Wayúu, it symbolizes eternal splendor in the heights. This fragrance encapsulates the magic of this natural phenomenon, a UNESCO heritage candidate and holder of the Guinness Record as the most electric place in the world.

This perfume not only evokes the visual and olfactory elements of Lake Maracaibo but also transports you to magical nights where the sky is illuminated by the ethereal dance of the Catatumbo Lightning. Each drop of this fragrance is like a spark, reminding you of the spectacularity of this unique phenomenon. Just as Lake Maracaibo inspired Amerigo Vespucci to call it Venezuela for its resemblance to the floating city of Venice, this perfume invites you on a sensory journey. Imagine houses on stilts reflected in the water, and let the fragrance transport you to the heart of Maracaibo, with the distant echo of thunder and the vibration in the air as you experience the notes of lightning, the lake, and the traditional Maracaibo drink: cocada, a blend of coconut, coconut milk, and cinnamon.

Maracaibo by Mutis is more than a perfume; it’s a journey to a place of wonder, history, and culture, where each aroma tells the story of nights illuminated by the mysterious glow of the Catatumbo Lightning.

Allow yourself to be enveloped in the scents that evoke the legends of Lake Maracaibo and celebrate the magic of this unique natural phenomenon.

Notes description -

Top notes: piña colada and cinnamon.
Heart notes: coconut, coconut milk and caramel.
Base notes: wet earth, sandalwood, vetiver, cedar, vanilla and musk.

Release year - 2023

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Parfum. Vaporisateur.



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