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Each and every single perfume is a unique numbered piece.
All boxes and bottles show the serial number of the final product.

The excellence of every batch is guaranteed by the small-scale manufacturing process. Artisanal methods, together with innovative production processes, give Angela Ciampagna’s fragrances their smoky tones.

Artisanal manufacturing does not end with the creation of the perfumes; all components of the final product are handmade: caps are machined and finished manually, labels are applied individually, boxes are created, lined and decorated one by one.

Finally, all perfumes are individually hand-packed by hand, to guarantee their authentic artisanal excellence.

The hill just above the Adriatic Sea, the countryside, the cicadas and the smell of hay carried by the wind…, and everywhere, the roots of wild liquorice.

This is Liquo.

Notes description -

Top notes: lavandin, violet and lemon.
Heart notes: anise, liquorice, straw and coumarin.
Base notes: incense, vetiver and tonka bean.

Release year - 2015

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Eau de Parfum

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  1. English

    Wolfgang (verified owner)

    Liquo is a fabulous anice-fennel-licorice perfume! To put it simple it would be adequate to say that it smells exactly like high quality christmas market anise-licorice candy with a hearty dollop of sugar. It smells gorgeous, but somehow i can see the inside of a excentric womans candy shop.

    This lady maybe is a witch or maybe she is just funnily strange. She looks like a more fun loving, cheeky, younger Lovis, the mother of Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter and tells you strange stories which seem to be too crazy to be true. This is a wise woman, but quite playful and over her counter hangs a stuffed crocodile named Ottokar.

    But this croc is alive and her pet and he tries to talk some sense into her whenever she is a little bit too excited or idealistic, i think she can do magic and you never know what you eat and what wondrous things are going to happen when you eat her candies. It is quite possible that you enter a fantastical adventure or have a little bit of magical power yourself!

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    • Spanish

      Daring Light (store manager)

      Dear Wolfgang,
      Your words about “Liquo” by Angela Ciampagna are truly fascinating. You seem to have had a unique sensory experience with this fragrance, and your descriptions are vivid and charming.
      The idea that “Liquo” evokes the aroma of a high quality aniseed and liquorice candy from a Christmas market is intriguing. Your narrative of a quirky candy shop run by an eccentric woman, possibly a magician of sorts, adds a magical and enchanting touch to the experience.

      The image of a crocodile named Ottokar as her pet and confidant, who tries to guide her when she gets too excited, is truly unique. It conveys a sense of mystery and adventure that seems to be present in this fragrance.
      Thank you for sharing your experience with “Liquo”. Your imagination and creativity have really brought this fragrance to life in a special way. If you ever want to share more about your experiences with fragrances or have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

      Fragrant greetings ;).

  2. English

    Francisco Javier V. (verified owner)


    A licorice and anise delight with a lot of personality.

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    • English

      Daring Light


      Thank you very much Francisco Javier.
      We are glad you liked it. It’s a delight, yes sir!!!

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