La Castiglione




Crowned the Queens of Paris, the Cocottes, or “grandes horizontales” as these nineteenth-century courtesans were also known, wrote the book on the capital of pleasure. They entertained, seduced, and made headlines to the point where
they imposed their style and taste on Europe and the Americas.

Les Cocottes de Paris brings you new perfumes that tell a story centred on three scandalous icons.

As fascinating, sensational and beguiling as a fragrance can be.

This nocturnal, vampire-like creature has burst upon the social scene, where she brings a fragrance of newness.
She is perfectly beautiful with a boldness that makers her fashionable.

La Castiglione has odd manners. She doesn’t make conversation, babble or dance, for she wants to be an almost silent divinity, like a statue, an effigy. A photographic word about the role she wanted to play, a faithful allegory of beauty, according to Baudelaire, is all that will remain.

By candlelight, La Castiglione eau de parfum evokes a lusty, sooty commotion: bewitching patchouli, libidinous copaiba, elegant cade and caressing ambergris.

A fragrance with a dark vapour trail.

1837, 1899

Notes description -

Top notes: citron and mugwort.
Heart notes: copaiba, liquorice, patchouli and cedar.
Base notes: ambergris, myrrh and styrax.

Release year - 2015

Additional information

Olfactory Family



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Perfume Concentration

Eau de Parfum

Fragrance type

Eau de Parfum. Vaporisateur.

Gender WOMEN


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