Jijide Dialogue Discovery Set




Discover a world of sensations with the Jijide Dialogue Discovery Set.

Jijide is an Italian niche perfumery brand born from the collaboration between Italian and Chinese creatives, celebrating the friendship between cultures.

Jijide is the transcription of a Chinese term 积极的 (jī jí de) that reflects a positive and energetic attitude towards life, a true joy of living. Jijide offers a breath of fresh air with its innovative approach and its ability to seamlessly integrate diverse cultural influences.

This set is composed of the Dialogue Collection, aiming to unearth new talents far from the industry’s main radar, offering a truthful and fresh interpretation of multiculturalism, and challenging traditional labels by crafting sophisticated stories for each perfume.

Each 10ml vial is a gateway to a unique universe, where the scents of grain and rice intertwine to create an olfactory experience that transcends the conventional. By wearing a fragrance from the Jijide Dialogue Discovery Set, you immerse yourself in an experience akin to a multiverse, an amplification of a dreamlike multisensory adventure. It means being transported to unknown personal journeys, cities never before explored, foreign languages, and gestures that awaken curiosity and emotion.

It consists of two 10ml vials, featuring Grano and Riso by Jijide.

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Release year - 2023

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