Of all the perfumes, incense is the most prestigious
History evokes all its importance through the ages and civilizations.
My curiosity for its noble raw materials has guided me to the places of prayer where the vibrant olfactory acoustics resonate like an invitation to meditation.
Chapel Factory interprets in its universal dimension the return of a caravanserai on the incense route. Each religion associates the ceremony of the fumigation as a real offering honouring the gods.
This range of perfumes in the scent of sanctity builds a personal sanctuary.

Anaïs Biguine

A scent inspired by the shamanic ritual, that to communicate with nature and the gods uses an incense called Palo Santo. This sacred wood, whose translation is « holy stick », is harvested from the soils of Latin America and known for its holistic virtues. An olfactory connection with harmonizing powers.

Notes description -

Notas de salida: elemí, cardamomo, clavo.
Notas de corazón: petitgrain, incienso, cedro.
Notas de fondo: pachulí, ámbar, benjuí, palo santo.

Release year - 2020

Additional information

Olfactory Family



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Perfume Concentration

Eau de Parfum

Fragrance type

Eau de Parfum. Pulverizador.

La marca vende este producto en bolsa de tela, con serigrafía de la marca. Sin precintar. Daring Light lo envuelve elegantemente y le añade un sello de lacre de seguridad. Este sello ejerce la función del precinto del fabricante.



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