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How to carry your perfumes on your travels

How to carry your perfumes on your travels

We are in the middle of the holiday season, and we need a break from so much seclusion. And that’s why, for lovers of exclusive fragrances, it’s a challenge for us how to transport our beloved luxury perfumes. My advice is not to take your perfumes on a trip. And do something smarter. Follow me and I’ll explain how I do it.

Oxidation in perfumery

When we buy a new perfume, the air chamber it contains is practically non-existent, so the oxidation of the liquid that forms the perfume is much slower or non-existent.

But once we use it, the air begins to occupy more space inside the bottle, and the fragrance is at risk of oxidising.

The consequences of oxidation are a variability of the colour, which usually intensifies, and of the smell, which can become rancid or lose the characteristics we liked.

All this happens to all perfumes, both men’s and women’s perfumes. And high temperatures are an accelerating reason for this. Therefore, avoid taking your perfumes on a trip and leave them at home, sheltered from the heat.

How can I carry a perfume, then?

The world doesn’t end because you can’t apply your favourite fragrance from the bottle, and that’s why personally, just as I prepare a travel kit for face, skin and grooming care, I create one for my favourite summer perfumes.

To do this, I buy small refillable or single-use bottles with a spray bottle. I put my favourite perfumes and fragrances in them. In this way I measure out the amount I carry and take exactly what I will use. So, it won’t change or be exposed to high temperatures in the same way as if I were carrying the whole bottle. And it’s even better this way, as it weighs a lot less, you can carry it in the hand luggage in the cabin of the plane because of the small capacity (I’m talking about 3 ml vials) and you can take different ones with you.

It is very easy to transfer the contents of your perfume bottle into the vial, as you often need nothing more than your aim. You put the sprayer into the vial and press it down until it is as full as you want it to be. Often it doesn’t go well, though, and that’s when I use specially designed cannulas. Also, I use syringes, which are the exact dosage dispensers of the content in ml. This is extrapolated to Daring Light.

You can also buy perfumes, with delivery within 24 hours

Once you are in your holiday destination and you notice that you left your favourite perfume behind or even want to try one during those days, from Daring Light I encourage you to make your purchase, and if you are going to be there for the next two days, make the purchase of a 2 ml vial, or a whole bottle (do not expose to heat), as you will receive your perfumes in 24 hours, and you will enjoy a new fragrance with an exemplary delivery service and the elegance that only Daring Light knows how to offer to its customers.

And remember that in Daring Light you can buy the best perfumes for men and women, as most of them are unisex and will win you over.

Enjoy your holidays, and be daring enough to try new fragrances.

Be strong and healthy!

Sergio Martinez Anaya

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