When Art is inside you, you just have to let it out. And that is what Renier Rodríguez Méndez has felt throughout his life.

Settled in Europe, specifically in Spain during 2007 and 2008, he met Daniel Josier, and that was when he exploited the hidden energy to create his own brand of perfumery, Renier Perfumes, with a unique background, joining his paintings and brushstrokes with the creation of perfumes or vice versa.

A perfume inspired by the image of an oil painting of the same name, which you can enjoy in the tranquillity of our Gallery.

Genius by Renier Perfumes is a fragrance inspired by the Cuban Genio maduro tobacco. Genio maduro tobacco, the source of inspiration for this fragrance, is a variety of Cuban tobacco characterised by its sweet, bitter and spicy taste.

This tobacco is highly valued in the tobacco industry due to its unique taste and aroma. Like an Efrit from Arabian folk mythology, this tobacco has the power to grant your most vehement desires, making it a perfect source of inspiration for a fragrance with character and personality.

From top notes of bergamot, neroli, Ceylon cinnamon, ginger and amber, this fragrance envelops you in a combination of citrus, spicy and woody aromas. Heart notes of tobacco absolute, coriander, Siam benzoin, tonka bean, ylang ylang and iris blend to create a fragrance with a touch of elegance and mystery. Finally, the base notes of Madagascar vanilla, musk, labdanum and patchouli come together to create an intense, long-lasting fragrance.

The combination of notes in Genius by Renier Perfumes creates a fragrance that is both seductive and sophisticated. The presence of the tobacco notes in the heart of the fragrance gives it a sense of strength and masculinity, while the vanilla and musk notes in the base notes give it a touch of softness and sensuality.

Overall, this fragrance is perfect for those who are looking for a fragrance with a touch of mystery and elegance, and who want to carry with them the power and strength of Cuban Genio maduro tobacco.

Notes description -

Top notes: bergamot, neroli, Ceylon cinnamon, ginger and amber.
Heart notes: tobacco absolute, coriander, Siam benzoin, tonka bean, ylang ylang and iris.
Base notes: Madagascar vanilla, musk, labdanum and patchouli.

Release year - 2021

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Perfume Concentration

Extrait de Parfum

Olfactory Family


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Fragrance type

Extrait de Parfum. Vaporisateur



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