Gio L’Arôme elegantly blends the timeless allure of gemstones with the enduring power of fragrances. Throughout history, these elements have captured the fascination of rulers, leaders, and influential figures in various cultures. Their true power lies in personal choices, in the careful combination that encapsulates their authentic essence, a luxury reserved for those who appreciate their profound impact on themselves and those around them.

Émeraude is much more than a fragrance; it is an elixir of power, immortality, and eternal youth, inspired by the emerald. This jewel of nature is associated with success and abundance, as it grows in the earth as a treasure of Mother Nature. Its dazzling green color radiates feelings of tranquility and peace, making it a tool for attracting positive energy.

But Émeraude goes beyond its superficial beauty. Just as the emerald strengthens sight and memory, this Extrait de Parfum stands out for its exceptional purity and quality. Like the gemstone, this olfactory elixir has been perfected to offer a sensory experience that will linger in the memory.

Each drop of Émeraude is a tribute to the emerald, a precious stone that has fascinated mankind for centuries. Just as the emerald symbolizes immortality and eternal youth, this Extrait de Parfum strives to capture that essence and keep it alive in every scent.

Let Émeraude envelop the wearer in its mystery and power. A fragrance that is not only a pleasure for the senses but also a tribute to the purity and eternity of the emerald. Experience its strength and let its notes guide you to a state of calm, prosperity, and success.

Notes description -

Top notes: galbanum, saffron, labdanum, peach, wild berries, rose, and iris.
Heart notes: cypriol, leather, ambergris, patchouli, tobacco, and jasmine.
Base notes: sandalwood, musk, vanilla, and caramel.

Release year - 2023

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Perfume Concentration

Extrait de Parfum

Olfactory Family



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Fragrance type

Extrait de Parfum. Vaporisateur.



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