Discovery Set État Libre d’Orange




Explore the olfactory universe with the Discovery Set État Libre d’Orange: discover eight unique sensory experiences in a single set.

Discover the essence of individuality with État Libre d’Orange and immerse yourself in a world of bold, authentic fragrances that defy convention and celebrate freedom of expression.

Discover the essence of provocation and elegance with the État Libre d’Orange Discovery Set.

From the majesty of “Exit the King” to the mysterious depth of “Hermann à Mes Côtés Me Paraissait Une Ombre”. From the audacity of “Les Fleurs du Déchet – I am Trash” to the celebration of individuality in “Remarkable People”.

Immerse yourself in the intrigue of “The Ghost in the Shell” or the freshness of “You or Someone Like You”, the captivating darkness of “Experimentum Crucis” and the seduction of “Frustration”.

Each fragrance is presented in 2ml samples, accompanied by mouillettes for a complete sensory experience. Let yourself be carried away on this olfactory journey and discover your personal signature with État Libre d’Orange.

Notes description -

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Release year - 2024

Additional information

Perfume Concentration

Eau de Parfum




Fragrance type

Eau de Parfum. Vaporisateur.



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