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ALGHABRA PARFUMS is a tribute to the Old City of Damascus, ‘The City of Jasmine’ and a tribute to the perfumer MOHAMMED KHAIR ALGHABRA, one of the first “Attars” of the Middle East region.

In 1492, when brave Spanish sailors first explored the shores of Cuba, they returned with vivid accounts of tall forests, chattering birds, and men and women going from place to place “with a firebrand of herbs in their hands to inhale the fragrant smoke.” However, what intrigued them the most was the mysterious and captivating aroma that emanated from the hands of the local inhabitants. These men and women carried with them “a firebrand of herbs in their hands to inhale the fragrant smoke.” This smoke, laden with the intriguing scent of tobacco, marked the beginning of a tradition that continues to this day.

It didn’t take long before Spanish colonists, captivated by the aroma and versatility of tobacco, began to cultivate and smoke this plant in Cuban soil. As the demand for tobacco grew, these “herbs” became a profitable crop. In the early 19th century, Cuba took a significant step by opening its first cigar factories, cementing its place in the history of the tobacco industry.

Cuban Tobacco, a fragrance created by Alghabra Parfums, pays homage to this historical legacy and the fascinating journey of tobacco. This oriental and fruity fragrance embodies the scent of tobacco at its best. It begins with the freshness of mandarin, the smoothness of vanilla, and the vivacity of mojito. As the fragrance unfolds on the skin, jasmine and plum wine blend with tobacco and woody notes, creating an olfactory journey that immerses us in the rich history of Cuba.

Throughout the olfactory experiment, salt is a present note, reminding us of Cuba’s proximity to the sea and the influence of its salty breeze on the creation of the world’s finest cigars. A curious detail added to this composition is honey, once used as a natural filter for cigars, which also imparts a sweet and special touch to the tobacco, offering a unique and fascinating experience.

Cuban Tobacco by Alghabra Parfums is not just a fragrance; it is a journey through time and the aroma that has captivated generations. Immerse yourself in this exciting olfactory journey and discover the essence of Cuba in every note.

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Olfactory notes: mandarin, vanilla, mojito, jasmine, plum wine, smoke, tobacco, tobacco flower, woody notes and salt.

Release year - 2023

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Extrait de Parfum

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Extrait de Parfum. Vaporisateur.



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