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Cyclically we go from cold to hot and vice versa. The Earth oscillates around the Sun in an elliptical orbit, and if we add the tilt of the Earth with respect to its axis, this translates into the seasons of a terrestrial year, depending on the hemisphere, of course.

Our body and outside temperature

The normal body temperature of a human being is between 36°C and 37°C, without being ill. Although I can assure you that these are data taken from world statistics, as I personally rarely reach 36°C and almost always stay around 35.8°C in a normal state, and even somewhat cooler.

And under extreme weather conditions, our body will activate mechanisms to maintain temperature, and that will be via the hypothalamus.

Through sweating, it will try to cope with extreme external heat, but if it is radically unbearable, the subject will suffer from heat stroke, which will require urgent medical attention.

On the other hand, if the situation is extremely cold, what will happen is that the subject will try to maintain body temperature at any cost, even sacrificing limbs if necessary. The hypothalamus will try to keep the vital organs at a prudent temperature, and that is why when it is very cold and we feel it in our body, we feel our feet numb or our fingers tingling. Your hypothalamus is discarding the limbs to keep you alive until you reach shelter. And you may have to say goodbye to them.

Perfumery and the changing seasons

Now that you know why our body regulates itself to the outside temperature, it’s time to get into what interests us in this blog, and that is perfumery.

Just as we keep winter clothes in the wardrobe for the following year, or summer clothes in the wardrobe, the same thing happens in perfumery.

It is obvious that, as far as perfumery is concerned, I have always defended using whatever you feel like, but you have to be careful with the applications, because a fragrance with a starring role for oud, vetiver, Himalayan cedar, tuberose, etc. is not the same as a fragrance with a starring role for fig, fig leaf, bergamot, orange, marine notes, etc.

So, these fragrances will normally be saved for a better outdoor climate that allows you to enjoy them.

The outside temperature will increase the olfactory sensation of a fragrance. And heavy notes that in winter we like to wear, but do not become annoying, in summer can be extremely potent if we perfume ourselves in the same way. But, let everyone act as they wish, they are your perfumes and you do what you want.


Advantages of alternating perfumes in different seasons

The main advantage is that in summer we don’t feel like smelling like winter, because if we add the heat outside and our own, that exquisite smell that comforted and warmed us in winter will come back to something that might turn our stomachs. Although I must warn you that, in Arab countries, oud is used and they don’t complain.

Perfumes that in winter or autumn are bombs in longevity and wake, in summer they can be atomic bombs, but of massive destruction, evidently because our body heat and the outside will play a bad trick on us, and will increase the olfactory sensation to unpleasant limits.

In addition to the above, when it’s cold we want warm fragrances, and when it’s hot we want cool fragrances. And the olfactory notes play a fundamental role in this.

Another important factor is to choose the right olfactory families of perfumes. In summer, the Citrus, Floral and Fougère olfactory families tend to be used a lot. And in winter, the consumer requires fragrances that bring comfort and warmth. That is why the best-selling olfactory families are the Woody, Oriental and Cyprus olfactory families. I reiterate that these are statistics, and generally show a behaviour that does not fully reflect reality.

So, when choosing a perfume, keep in mind the olfactory notes, they are the ingredients of the perfume. And by visualising these, you can get an excellent idea of what it will give you.


Perfumes for autumn / winter

The cold weather is approaching, and that’s why I want to recommend some perfumes from the Daring Light perfume shop. These are personal recommendations, so take them as such.

Great olfactory experiences are:

Ambre Tabac by Daniel Josier

Mystery Oud by Daniel Josier

Green Leather by Daniel Josier

Golden Dallah by Xerjoff

Alexandria II by Xerjoff

Accento by Xerjoff


Without further ado, I would like to invite you to an upcoming post on the blog of Daring Light, niche perfumes Barcelona.

Health & Strength!

Sergio Martínez Anaya



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