ALGHABRA PARFUMS is a tribute to the Old City of Damascus, ‘The City of Jasmine’ and a tribute to the perfumer MOHAMMED KHAIR ALGHABRA, one of the first “Attars” of the Middle East region.

Istanbul’s loyal daughter, Istanbul is pleased with you…

Delicate and elegant like a pearl,

gracing the Bosphorus’ neck…

Oh, my ineffable love, oh my forbidden lover!

A tulle dress on bare skin,

she flips her hair from Asia to Europe and back again.

The scent of her hair in the wind blows gently towards Galata,

to her impossible love.

Like the first touch of love, violets.

Hand in hand, lovers watch her from the shore,

at dusk, at midday, or before the dawn.

An autumn rain washes her face,

her heart is saddened by a thousand-year-old curse.

Clear is her pose, like the scent of a Damascus rose.

Ships hail her as the waves caress her feet,

seagulls cry for her lonely heartbeat,

trapped in walls of musk and amber,

so strong and deep.

Touch her hair gently and you touch Istanbul.

 Oh, the dainty daughter of Bosphorus, you are such a sight,

like the shining star of Istanbul in moonlight…

Notes description -

Top notes: muguet, violet and rose.

Heart notes: cedarwood, Ylang Ylang and jasmine tea.

Base notes: ambery, white musk, drywood and floral musk.

Release year - 2019

Additional information

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Olfactory Family




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Perfume Concentration

Extrait de Parfum

Fragrance type

Extrait de Parfum. Vaporisateur.



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