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ALLER PERFUMES, is a perfumery brand born in 2021, in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia.

You remember fondly that walk along the beach. And as the panoramic view seemed endless, the sun shone, and the marine scent coming from the waves of the Atlantic Ocean swayed at your feet, while you saw in the distance the green mountains bathed by the impeccable azure of the sky.

Ar is a very complex and rich fragrance that will transport you to a beautiful walk along the shore of the most aromatic ocean.

Nothing is more evocative than the smell, that’s why Aller Perfumes has created all its perfumes thinking about the memories, the feelings generated by the moments we have lived that we associate with the smells. For each of us, the same smell takes us to different moments. And that is why, for each person, the same scent will take us back to moments lived, which will never be the same as those that inspired the creation of that perfume.

Aller Perfumes was born in the middle of the pandemic as Daring Light, and nobody chooses the moment, it just happens. In time, these moments will become part of memory. Memory is blissful, hiding the bad moments and extracting the good moments. And it is on this last point that the brand has sought to create a masterly olfactory synthesis.

Memories are feelings, love, nostalgia, and a space in our memory that takes us away from reality for a few moments.

Let yourself be swept away by the masterful mastery of Daniel Josier, in collaboration with Aller Perfumes, and experience your own sensations when you smell these marvellous creations.

Notes description -

Top notes: marine accords, bergamot, eucalyptus, grapefruit, green tea, honeysuckle.
Heart notes: iris, oak moss, seaweed, lilac, cypress, fig leaf.
Base notes: moss, vetiver, musk, salicylate, cedarwood.

Release year - 2021

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Parfum. Vaporisateur.


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  1. English

    Jose Manuel Hidalgo alonso (verified owner)


    Great for summer, very durable and totally unisex.

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    • English

      Daring Light (store manager)


      Thank you very much José Manuel.
      Best regards.

  2. English

    Francisco Javier V. (verified owner)



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    • English

      Daring Light


      Thank you very much Francisco Javier.
      Mr. Perfume. Its concentration is Parfum, and it is fresh and very marine.
      A delight for the heat.

  3. English

    Jose J Martinez (verified owner)



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    • English

      Daring Light


      Thank you very much José.
      Ar is an excellent niche perfume.

  4. English

    Adri (verified owner)


    You like marine aromas, here you have the best of them. He likes citrus also has the best of them. You like the “greener” aromas, so don’t worry, you have them too. I sincerely adore this perfume, perfect for any occasion or moment. In very cold climates, it may not be the best choice, but it would not be out of place either. A marvel.

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    • English

      Daring Light


      Thank you very much Adri.
      Excellent perfume.

  5. English

    PEDRO M. (verified owner)


    This perfume is amazing! I wear it every day and it lasts a long time on my skin. Many times, when I get home at night, my wife asks me what perfume I put on that smells so good!!!! ?

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    • English

      Daring Light


      Thank you very much Pedro.
      The concentration of the perfume, being Parfum, gives it this quality. Nice anecdote, enjoy it very much.
      A big hug.

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