Ambre Tabac Attar




Ambre Tabac Attar, the intensity of a classic taken to the Attar.

Daniel Josier, was born as a brand in 2014, by the hand of its namesake author. The names of their creations may make us think of classic fragrances; however, nothing could be further from the truth. They are creative and modern, yet without stridency, seamlessly adapting to our skin.

Daniel Josier celebrates the 10th anniversary of his most iconic perfume, Ambre Tabac, with this limited edition. This Attar perfume, composed of 100% pure essence, is a masterpiece that encapsulates a decade of excellence and creativity.

The fragrance opens with notes of African incense and bergamot, offering a captivating freshness. At its heart, a warm woody accord of sandalwood and patchouli intensifies the olfactory experience.

The distinctive personality of the tobacco leaf emerges as the defining base note, adding depth and sophistication. Vanilla and amber complete this essence, bestowing it with a strong and personal character.

Ambre Tabac Attar is a robust essence, with personality and character, that develops into a wonderful dry-down, leaving a lasting and memorable impression.

Notes description -

Top notes: incense and bergamot.
Heart notes: patchouli and sandalwood.
Base notes: amber, tobacco leaves and vanilla.

Release year - 2024

Additional information

Olfactory Family



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Perfume Concentration

Oil Fragrance

Fragrance type

Perfume oil, attar. Roll on.



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