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Niche perfumery, that hideaway for true perfume lovers.

We could say that Adi Ale Van is ultra niche perfumery.

Read on and I’ll explain why.

That step beyond niche perfumery, from Romania to Barcelona.

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We, the lovers of perfumery, are attracted to those perfumes that are difficult to obtain, which, once in our hands, we protect like jewels.

Perfume jewels of all kinds have passed through my hands, regardless of whether they are designer or niche, but I myself attributed a specific value to them.

For example, my first bottle of Dior’s Fahrenheit was a source of sadness when the last spritz was sprayed on my skin. Sadness at running out, but even more so when I discovered that the next bottle didn’t perform the same for me.

The famous reformulations. Obligatory and necessary due to the constant changes in IFRA regulations in perfumery.

This happened to me with another beautiful fragrance like Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent. And as they say, from that mud came this mud. My general dissatisfaction with designer perfumery led me into niche perfumery.

At first with well-known brands in the sector, which in the end were still well-known but for demanding budgets. Xerjoff, Serge Lutens, Initio Parfums, and so on.

I was happy with the few millilitres I could get from friends and acquaintances or those bottles that fell when I could.

And now that I have my own niche perfumery shop, things have been changing. And within niche perfumery, there is an ultra niche world. And I love it. And as long as I can, I’ll do my bit to help you get to know them.


Adi Ale Van, pure and artistic craftsmanship brought to perfumery.

Born in 2021, the artist Adi ale Van draws her inspiration from events in her life, from the folklore and culture of Romanian traditions, from the memories of her loved ones, from personal faith in God, from the struggle of the partisans who fought against the former USSR in the 1940s and from many other themes. His perfumes are an olfactory journey through the tunnel of time…

He considers his work a fusion of art in the world of artistic perfumery.

Each perfume is entirely handmade by the Romanian artist Adi ale Van, after whom it is named.

The artist spends between 6 and 13 hours on each perfume, from the bottle, the cap, the box, the paint, etc.

For this reason, all Adi ale Van perfumes are produced in very limited editions.

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The perfumers behind Adi Ale Van

Not only is there beauty on the outside, but the inside is exceptional. Great perfumers such as Anne-Sophie Behaghel, Camille Chemardin, Jimmy Bodin or Flavius Călaj himself (Adi Ale Van is the brother of Flavius Călaj) are behind the creation of Adi Ale Van fragrances.

When you hold an Adi Ale Van perfume in your hands and skin, with its potent perfume extracts, you realise that this step beyond niche perfumery has been taken with Adi Ale Van.

It is with great pride and pleasure that I bring to Daring Light, Barcelona niche perfumes a brand like Adi Ale Van.


Health and strength!

Sergio Martinez Anaya.

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  1. With the perfumes of Adi_Ale_Van you have a treasure in your shop!! His creations are all gorgeous as Adi_Ale_Van is really a extraordinary unique Artist! His creations are pieces of Art! I am blessed to own already three of them!

    1. Thank you very much. Yes, we are very happy about this collaboration, as it is pure craftsmanship.

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